Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wizards Killers

With the season getting ready to start, I thought I'd take a look at a few more stats and post on some of them. One thing that's at least interesting to me, is who has been the biggest thorn in the Wizards side? What player has stepped up their game against KC and scored the most goals against the Wizards?

Here are the top 10 goal scorers against the Wizards throughout their history.

1. Jason Kreis - Dallas/RSL - 17 goals. Five more then the next closest player, the current coach of Real Salt Lake is the biggest thorn in the Wizards side.

2. Ante Razov - Chicago/NY/Chivas - 12 goals. Razov is one of three players still playing in MLS on this list of players. He scored 2 goals against the Wizards last season in their 2-1 loss out in LA.

2T. Ronald Cerritos - San Jose/Dallas - 12 goals. I remember Cerritos being a major pain when the Wizards played his team when I was younger. He seemed to be all over the field against the Wizards.

4. Clint Mathis - LA/NY/CO - 11 goals. Now playing in Greece, Mathis scored the majority of his 11 goals before he left MLS the first time.

5. Jeff Cunningham - Columbus/CO/RSL - 9 goals. The second active MLSer on this list, Cunningham is now in Toronto and will be looking to become the fourth player in MLS history to hit 100 goals.

6T. Cobi Jones - LA - 8 goals. Jones retired at the end of this past season, but Jones was a pain for the Wizards through to the end, as he scored two in his final season against the Wizards.

6T. Landon Donovan - SJ/LA - 8 goals. The youngest player on this list, Donovan is tied for second in the most productive season against the Wizards, with 4 goals in 2003.

6T. Chris Henderson - CO/Columbus/NY - 8 goals. The former Wizards player and assistant coach always seemed to lift his game against Kansas City. He was especially dangerous after leaving KC, with 6 of his 8 goals coming after he was traded away from KC.

6T. John Spencer - CO - 8 goals. Spencer had a very productive 3 season stretch against the Wizards from 2001 through 2003, he scored all 8 of his goals against KC.

6T. Ariel Graziani - Dallas/SJ - 8 goals. Like Spencer, Graziani scored all 8 of his goals in 3 seasons.

You'll notice that 3 of the top 4 goal scorers in MLS history are on this list along with the leading scorer in US Men's National Team history as well. Seven of the 10 are also in the top 20 in all of MLS history for goals as well. The only ones missing from the list are Henderson (22), Graziani (28), & Spencer (36).

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