Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wizards Reserves Tie Chicago

In the other game of their split squad games today, the Wizards played the Chicago Fire to a 1-1 draw. The team the Wizards put out on the field was reserve heavy, and looks to be the team that will take the field in many of the reserve games this coming season. Ryan Pore got the Wizards one goal today off of an assist by Lance Watson. According to Hillcrest Road in their write up, Chicago's starting 11 played for at least a half against the team. It's a good sign for the reserves that they can hold their own though.

-----------Kronberg (O'Hara 60)----------

Leathers (William 46)---Hohlbein---Marquess (McKenzie 46)



------Pore (Kraus 46)-----Gray------

Through the preseason down in Florida, the Wizards went 2-3-2, with wins against themselves in a split squad scrimmage and over the U-17 national team. They lost to themselves in the split squad scrimmage, Columbus, and Toronto. While drawing Chicago and DC.

Goal scorers for the preseason so far.
Carlos Marinelli - 2
Andrew DiCicco - 2
Kurt Morsink - 1
Ryan Pore - 1

Six goals this preseason, while giving up nine goals. Trujillo can't help the goal scoring woes that much. Even though it's still preseason, this is starting to get worrisome.

The team returns home tonight and will be off until Tuesday when they will resume practice in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

I not too worried. We didn't do well in preseason last year and came out scoring big in the first game.

But to be on the safe side, maybe we could somehow acquire Rolfe from Chicago. They have too many forwards and we could use his speed also. If not him, then maybe Barrett. He also has some speed and is a hard worker that would fit our style.

I foresee Sealy getting loose and either Pore or Arnaud being the main counter to Scott.


Anonymous said...

There's no way that Chicago let's Rolfe or Barrett go in my opinion.

As for who will be the counter to Sealy, it definitely won't be Pore, he's not an MLS caliber forward.