Monday, June 09, 2014

The New US Jersey

The World Cup starts in three days when Brazil will take on Croatia. Ahead of this summer's World Cup I'd been excited and ready to get a new US national team jersey. I'd be disappointed with the last cycle of jerseys, the "Where's Waldo" and the sweater vest. Unfortunately when I originally saw the two new jerseys I wasn't overly impressed. The primary, the white jersey that looked like the England shirt, or a polo you'd wear on casual Friday's at work. The secondary I thought looked more like a bomb pop Popsicle.

But through the partnership between the blog and I got the opportunity to review the USA Away Jersey that people have called bomb pop. And seeing it in person I gotta say I actually have grown to like it. It's not my favorite US jersey of the last few years, that still belongs to the red jersey with the blue sash. But this one is actually a lot nicer than I thought it'd be. It's definitely a jersey that you can change your opinion on after seeing it in person. The other thing I like about this jersey, specifically compared to the home jersey is that it stands out. Turn the channel to a game that the US is playing in their new home jersey and you aren't going to be sure who it is immediately. With the away though it's easy to quickly tell who is playing in the game. I also like the fact that crest for US Soccer is just two colors. I think it minimizes the logo just enough, while at the same time getting it to work with the jersey much better than I think it would if they'd kept the traditional look of the crest.

As for the jersey itself, I'm not normally one to get a Nike jersey, mainly because of MLS's Adidas partnership, I'm usually purchasing their jerseys. But I think that the Nike jersey fits well. I know previous ones I've bought have been tighter than the normal size. But this one fits quite well.

Not a fan of the "bomb pop"? SoccerPro has a ton of US merchandise including scarves, shoes, shirts, and other apparel ahead of the World Cup. They also have gear for plenty of other national teams involved in the World Cup.

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hartley said...

Sorry, it is still a bomb pop or a Domino's Pizza delivery uniform. Ugh.

The wrong red. The wrong blue.

Every time I see it on TV I think Costa Rica or Panama are playing.

And with the white, we should at least be wearing blue shorts. Dark blue. Ugh.