Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Cleats

Since my knee is almost back to 100% I'm getting back to playing soccer. Since I'm getting back, I needed to get myself a new pair of soccer cleats. Through SoccerPro.com, I got a pair of Nike Mercurial Talaria IV FG Soccer shoes in sports red. Today they arrived in the mail and thought I'd give my first impression of the cleats. I haven't had a pair of Nike cleats in a while, I hadn't liked the old vapors they'd put out as I thought they were too thin and had heard bad things about the shoe from friends and athletes. Since then, I'd stayed away from them. So I was pleased when I first looked at my shoes and saw that they had more padding on the back of the heal then I remember other Nike shoes having.

I decided to give the shoes a quick try out in the yard. Putting them on was a little hard, the synthetic leather is a little tight and took a little work to get them on the first time. I expect that this will get easier as I wear them in more. Once I got them on my feet, though, they felt good and fit extremely well. I got outside and started doing a bit of juggling, the ball felt good coming off my foot, and had that good ball on leather sound that you get when you hit the ball just right. Overall, I've been impressed with the cleats so far and look forward to continuing to use them. I'll give a full review of the cleats once I've had a week or so to work them in and played in more of a game situation in them.


Anonymous said...

You went for the cheepo's??? why do that to your feet. Should have gone for the SL's with the carbon foot plate. Trust me its worth it.

Reepicheep said...

Nike? Ugghh