Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wizards Tie DC

In their second preseason game against an MLS team, the Wizards drew 1-1 with their opening day opponent, DC United in a game divided into 3 30 minute periods. Carlos Marinelli got the goal for the Wizards off of a penalty kick. I'll be back with more information on the game once Hillcrest Road posts their recap of the game.

Hillcrest Road now has the write up on the game, including lineups. The starting 11 played the majority of the game. DC's equalizer came late in the game, the 87th minute.

Can't be overly disappointed, it still is only the preseason. But now in two games, the team has yet to score from the run of play. Hopefully the finishing practice that the team was working on yesterday will start to pay off soon.

So far this preseason here are the Wizards record.
2-2-1 (the split squad scrimmage I'm counting as both a win and a loss)

And the goal scorers so far.
Andrew DiCicco - 2
Carlos Marinelli - 2
Kurt Morsink - 1

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