Thursday, June 26, 2008

My New Cleats

I've had a little more time to work in my new Nike Mercurial Talaria IV Soccer Shoes from, and my first impression hasn't changed at all. I really do like these cleats. Playing in them I feel like I have a great touch on the ball, I feel like I can feel the ball better in these shoes. One of my original problems with them was that the synthetic leather was too tight and hard to get onto my foot. After playing in them a bit, the leather has loosened up a little bit and they go onto my feet easier. They're not too loose that it takes away from my foot's feel on the ball.

I like that the shoes are so light as well, you don't really notice the difference between weight in shoes until you are wearing really light ones. It's just a different feel when you're running with them then with heavier cleats. The last few years I've made it a point to always get cleats that didn't have laces in the "sweet spot", either they were covered by a flap or the laces were underneath leather. After spending more time with these cleats I've realized that that sort of thing isn't as important as I once though, I can still strike the ball just as well with these as with ones that have the laces covered.

I also mentioned earlier about the extra padding that was in the heals of the cleats. I thought at the time that these would help to avoid blisters on your heals, which was a problem my friends complained about with other Nike cleats. That didn't turn out to be entirely true, while they have more padding on them then I expected, they still don't have a lot in the heal, I've come home with blisters on my heals. Overall, though, that is my only complaint about the cleats, and that can easily be solved by putting a little padding or an under sock on to help protect the heal just a bit. I'm very happy with these cleats, definitely a good pair of cleats that I'd recommend.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just bought a pair of these cleats and I absolutely love them. I havn't tried them out on the field yet but I was wondering if the blisters go away. Also is it possible to prevent these blisters from the start with extra padding? What is your overall rating of these boots out of 10?

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