Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wizards Fantasy Draft Rounds 9 and 10

Rounds 9 and 10 of the Fantasy Draft

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9(1). Team Shook - Josh Wolff - Wolff came to KC in 2003 on draft day but his real impact didn't come until 2004 and 2005 where he scored 10 goals in back to back seasons along with 17 assists in that 2 year period. Overall Josh scored 27 and assisted 20 in four years in 80 games.

9(2). Team DTB - Alex Zotinca - Zotinca's versatility is his major plus. He played on both wings both in the midfield and in defense for the Wizards. For team DTB, he'll be taking up the right back slot. He played in 85 league games and scored 3 goals after being signed as a Discovery player in 2003. Before that, Zotinca had played with Kansas City's indoor team, the Comets.

9(3). Bravado FC - Jack Jewsbury - Another "local" product, Jewsbury plied his college soccer trade across the state in the slums known as St. Louis, but we won't hold that against him as he has blossomed into a solid player in MLS. Drafted in 2003, "Action Jackson" spent a portion of the 2003 season on loan to Syracuse in the A-League, returning to give three solid years in the midfield for Kansas City. After converting in the offseason to defense, he provided solid support in the back line, still mustering two goals and three assists on the year. As he is capable in both roles, he fits into our plans well.

10(1). Bravado FC - Carlos Marinelli - The Argentine impressed in 2007 with flashes of brilliance, but he struggled to adapt to the team as quickly as expected. With the speedy Miklos Molnar and the crafty Igor Simutenkov as a strike partnership, Marinelli should be able to find outlets for his creativity and manufacture a lot of goals for Bravado FC.

10(2). Team DTB - Sasha Victorine - Victorine can play anywhere in the midfield, and gives us some good veteran leadership on the field. With over 90 MLS appearances for the Wizards and 12 goals, Victorine will help to steady our midfield.

10(3). Team Shook - Eddie Johnson - EJ played just 2 seasons but he carried the 2007 team with 15 goals. EJ was very productive overall though for KC, he averaged almost 1 point/game. Only Preki and Miklos were more proliffic. Though EJ did run hot and cold, his "hot" outweighs the cold spells.

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