Sunday, February 07, 2016

Wizards/Sporting Player Registry

2/7/16 Update: I've updated the players below. I have done some removing of information on former players where I just said that they were living somewhere. Unless they're still playing, coaching, or in a public role I have removed where the player is living or working.

One of my goals with my former Wizards updates I do was to keep people updated on how all the former Wizards around the world were doing. Recently I ended up trying to find the former Wizards again. Here is a list of every player listed in the Wizards registry in the media guide, along with Eric Frimpong, who the Wizards drafted but is not listed in the media guide. The list also includes goalkeepers that I assume were emergency league keepers at one time or another, because Preston Burpo for example was never officially on the Wizards roster so I have to assume he was an emergency addition for a game or two.

The status for each player is whether the player is still playing the game or not at some professional level. On some of the players it is my best guess. There are also some players who I was unable to get updates on, but I'm still trying. I will be updating this list with any updates I get on these players and the post is now linked over on the right under features. If you have any updates on former Wizards, please feel free to post a comment in this section or shoot me an email.
Players in bold are currently with KC.

Player Year Status currently
Abdul-Salaam, Saad 15- Active Kansas City
Aiyegbusi, Olukorede 09-11 Active Siah Jamegan (Iran)
Albert, Jay 04 Retired
Allnut, Yari 96 Retired
Ammann, Mike 96-98 Retired
Angevine, Scott 12 Active KPV (Finland)
Anibaba, Jalil 14 Active Houston
Anor, Bernardo 14- Active Kansas City
Antonijevic, Stefan 12 Active Tampa Bay Rowdies
Armstrong, Stephen 02-03 Retired
Arnaud, Davy 02-11 Active DC United
Arze, Vicente 08 Active
Auvray, Stephane 10-11 Retired
Barber, Ryan 04 Retired
Baumhoff, Billy 96 Retired
Beasley, Jamar 10 Active
Besler, Matt 09- Active Kansas City
Bessone, Federico 13 Retired
Bieler, Claudio 12-15 Active Belgrano (Argentina)
Bliss, Brian 98 Retired Director of Player Personnel SKC
Bowers, Sean 96-99 Retired San Diego Miramar College coach
Branan, Dustin 05 Retired
Bravo, Omar 11 Active Chivas Guadalajara
Brenes , Reinaldo 14 Active AD Belen Siglo XXI 
Brown, Chris 99-03 Retired
Brunt, Chris 02-03 Retired Club Director Evolution SC (Omaha)
Bunbury, Alex 99-00 Retired
Bunbury, Teal 09-13 Active New England Revolution
Burciaga Jr, Jose 01-07 Retired
Burns, Mike 01-02 Retired New England Revolution Director of Soccer
Burpo, Preston 00 Retired GK Coach New York Red Bulls
Byaruhanga, Peter 00-01 Retired
Cardenas, Mitchell 13 Active
Cardenas, Nick 09 Retired
Carmichael, Byron 03 Retired Hamilton Elite FC coach
Carrasco, Servando 15 Active Orlando City
Caugherty, Ryan 05 Retired
Causey, Jeff 96 Retired
Cesar, Julio 11-12 Retired
Chhetri, Sunil 10 Active Bengaluru (India)
Chung, Mark 96-98 Retired
Claros, Jorge 14-15 Active Alajuelense (Costa Rica)
Collin, Aurelien 11-14 Active Orlando City
Colombano, Eloy 07-08 Active
Conrad, Jimmy 03-10 Retired Kick TV
Convey, Bobby 11-13 Retired
Cristman, Adam 09 Retired
Cross, Matthew 01 Retired
Cyrus, Daneil 11 Active W Connection (Trinidad)
Da Silva, Nino 97-99 Retired Chicago Sockers coach
Dancy, Jake 97-99 Retired
Davis, Brad 16- Active Kansas City
de Jong, Marcel 15- Active Kansas City
DeBrito, John 97-98 Retired
Dedini, Randy 99 Retired Sacramento State women's coach
Delgado, Cesar 99 Retired
DeMartin, Doug 09 Retired
DePra, Dominic 02 Retired
Detter, Justin 04-05 Retired Justin Detter Soccer Academy
Dia, Amadou 15- Active Kansas City
Diffley, John 97 Retired Sr Ass. AD for Admin at St. John's University
Diop, Birahim 10-12 Retired
Dobson, Daniel 06 Retired North Texas U. women's asst coach
Dotsenko, Ihor 00 Retired Technical Director for Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club
Dovale, Antonio 14 Active CD Leganes (Spain)
Duke, Christian 13-14 Active Swope Park Rangers
Dwyer, Dom 12- Active Kansas City
Eichmann, Eric 96 Retired Boca United coach
Ekeme, Samuel 96 Retired
Elcock, Edson 07 Retired
Ellis, Kevin 11- Active Kansas City
Enna, Luke 06 Retired San Ramon Soccer Club
Erickson, Dane 02 Retired
Escobar, Pablo 10- Active Jaguares de Córdoba (Colombia)
Espinoza, Roger 08-12, 15- Active Kansas City
Fabbro, Dario 02-03 Retired
Farabi, Corey 06 Retired
Feilhaber, Benny 12- Active Kansas City
Fekete, Brian 13 Active
Fernandes, Narcisco 01 Retired
Figueroa, Vicente 99-00 Retired
Fogarty, Ken 99 Coach Youth Technical Director Texans SC Houston
Friedland, Kevin 03 Retired
Frimpong, Eric 07 Retired
Fuzetti, Mauro 10 Retired
Gabeljic, Adnan 14 Active St. Louis Ambush/Sacremnto Republic
Gansler, Bob 99-06 Coach staff coach for Elm Grove Soccer Club
Garcia, Nick 00-07 Retired coaching at Brookside SC
Gardner, Josh 12-14 Retired SKC Academy U14 coach
Gil, Luis 10 Active Queretaro (Mexico)
Glasgow, Gary 00-02 Retired
Godbolt, AJ 07 Retired
Gomez, Francisco 99-04 Retired
Gomez, Herculez 08-09 Active Toronto FC
Goode, Taly 01 Retired
Gough, Richard 97 Retired
Graham, Taylor 03-04 Retired VP of business ops for Seattle Sounders
Gray, Tom 08 Retired
Green, Michael 99-02 Retired Loudou soccer coach
Greenwood, Ricci 97 Retired
Gregor, Andrew 01 Retired Portland Timbers 2 coach
Groenwald, Matt 06 Retired
Gruenebaum, Andy 13-14 Retired SKC TV color analyst
Guadarrama, Willy 07 Retired CEO of USL S20 APPA Aguilas
Gutierrez, Diego 96-97, 02-05 Retired
Hajderovic, Faik 16- Active Kansas City
Hallisey, Connor 15- Active Kansas City
Hamburger, Chris 06 Retired
Hannig, TJ 01 Retired
Hardy, Tom 98 Retired
Harrington, Michael 07-11 Active Chicago Fire
Harrington, Pat 96 Retired
Harris, Wolde 03 Retired CO Switchbacks assistant coach
Hartman, Kevin 07-09 Retired Technical Director IMG Academy
Healey, Pat 08 Active Baltimore Blast
Hedrick, Cyprian 12 Active Oklahoma City Energy
Hejduk, Frankie 10 Retired Brand Ambassador Columbus Crew
Henderson, Chris 99-00 Retired Technical Director for Seattle Sounders FC
Hercegfalvi, Zoltán 09-10 Active ASK Klingenbach
Hesmer, Will 04-06 Retired
Hirsig, Santiago 09-10 Retired
Hohlbein, Aaron 07-10 Retired Wisconsin assistant coach
Hue, Jermaine 05-06 Retired
Hunjak, Goran 98 Retired President of Victory Soccer Camp
Hutton, Martin 05 Retired
Isaacs, Peter 96 Retired
Jakins, Tahj 00-01 Retired
James, Ryan 16- Active Kansas City
Jeferson 11 Active Vasco da Gama
Jerome, Mechack 13-14 Active Jacksonville Armada
Jewsbury, Jack 03-10 Active Portland Timbers
John, Will 06-07 Active RoPS (Finland)
Johnson, Brian 97-01 Retired US U14 Boys NT head coach
Johnson, Eddie 06-07 Retired
Johnston, Mo 96-01 Retired
Jones, Mike 11 Retired Dallas Sidekicks
Joseph, Peterson 11-14 Active
Joy, Jake 97 Retired
Julião, Igor 14 Active Ferroviária
Kafari, Michael 14 Active
Kalish, Kevin 99 Retired Scott Gallagher MO boys DOC 
Kamara, Kei 09-13 Active Columbus Crew
Kann, Alec 15- Active Kansas City
Kartunen, Andrew 08 Retired
Kempin, Jon 10- Active Kansas City
Kitson, Neal 09 Active
Klein, Chris 98-05 Retired LA Galaxy Club President
Klopas, Frank 96-97 Retired
Koetters, Kevin 96 Retired
Konopka, Chris 07 Active
Kostrov, Igor 10 Active Dinamo-Auto (Moldova)
Kounenakis, Nikos 10 Retired
Kraus, Michael 07-09 Retired RSL-AZ academy coach
Kronberg, Eric 06-14 Active Montreal Impact
Lagerwey, Garth 96 Retired GM and President of Soccer for Seattle
Lalas, Alexi 99 Retired Fox Sports Analyst
Lascody, Douglas 05 Retired
Lassiter, Roy 00-02 Retired Arsenal FC (San Diego) coach
Latronica, Anthony 01 Retired US U17 assistant coach
Lavin, Brian 02 Retired
Leathers, Jonathan 08-10 Retired
Lopez, Claudio 08-09 Retired CO Rapids Director of Soccer
Lopez, Mikey 13-15 Active New York City FC
Lorenz, Scott 11 Retired
Lowe, Onandi 01 Retired
Lowery, Amir 07-08 Retired
Mapp, Justin 15- Active Kansas City
Marcelin, James 14-15 Active Fort Lauderdale Strikers
Marin, Luis 14-15 Active Palestino
Marinelli, Carlos 07-08 Retired
Marino, Pete 98 Retired
Markovic, Neven 11 Active KS Lechia Gdansk (Poland)
Marquess, Matt 08-09 Retired
Martinez, Alex 14 Active Charlotte Independence
Mayard, Josué 02 Retired
McGinnis, Pat 05 Retired
McKenzis, Raushawn 08-09 Active Rayo OKC
McKeon, Matt 96-98, 00-02 Retired coach JB Marine 
McMahen, Ryan 06-08 Retired
Medranda, Jimmy 13- Active Kansas City
Melia, Tim 14- Active Kansas City
Meola, Tony 99-04 Retired Jacksonville Armada coach
Miller, Kyle 12-13 Active
Minagawa-Webster, John 05 Retired
Mitchell, Jamel 97-98 Retired
Mitchell, Trey 15 Active MLS Pool goalkeeper
Molnar, Miklos 00 Retired
Morsink, Kurt 07-09 Retired
Movsisyan, Yura 06-07 Active Real Salt Lake
Moxom, David 96 Retired
Mravec, Michel 11 Active
Muñoz, Victor 14 Active Arizona United
Murray, JT 10 Retired
Mustivar, Soni 15- Active Kansas City
Myers, Chance 08- Active Kansas City
Nagamura, Paulo 11- Active Kansas City
Nemeth, Krisztian 14-16 Active Al-Gharafa SC
Newman, Ron 96-99 Coach
Nielsen, Jimmy 10-13 Retired OKC Energy coach
Noriega, Anthony 06 Retired
Okafor, Uche 96-00 Retired Deceased
Okugo, Amobi 15- Active Kansas City
Olum, Lawrence 11-14, 15- Active Kansas City
Onalfo, Curt 07-09 Coach LA Galaxy II Head Coach
Opara, Ike 12- Active Kansas City
Oshoniyi, Bo 00-06 Retired East Tennessee State head coach
Palmer-Brown, Erik 13- Active FC Porto (loan)
Pardo, Boris 08-09 Active Missouri Comets
Peart, O'Neil 02 Retired
Peters, Nyanforth 96 Retired
Peterson, Jacob 12- Active Kansas City
Pittman, Steve 97 Retired
Pizarro, Nelson 08-09 Active
Pore, Ryan 05-08 Retired assistant coach University of Tulsa
Prampin, Alan 96 Retired
Preki 96-00, 02-05 Retired
Prideaux, Brandon 99-01 Retired
Priestley, Akeem 09 Active Antigua GFC (Guatemala)
Punyed, Pablo 12 Active IBV (Iceland)
Quill, Eric 02-03 Retired USDA Staff Coach Texas SC Houston
Quintilla, Jordi 15- Active Kansas City
Raad, Sergei 06 Retired
Rambo, Rodney 98 Retired
Rasovic, Vuk 04 Retired coach FC Dinamo Minsk
Raybould, Ryan 05-07 Retired
Reasoner, Tommy 96 Retired
Reidy, Mike 13 Active
Rideout, Paul 98 Retired Sereno SC coach
Riggs, Alex 15 Active St. Louis FC
Roberts, Brian 05-06 Retired
Rocastle, Craig 10-11 Retired
Rocha, Tony 15- Active Orlando City B
Rodriguez, Edmundo 97-98 Retired coaching Largo United
Rogers, James 15- Active Kansas City
Rosell, Oriol 12-14 Active Vitoria (Sporting Portugal)
Ruiz, Brendan 13 Active DJK Don Bosco Bamberg (Germany(
Ruiz, Edwin 05 Retired
Saad, Soony 11-14 Active BEC Tero Sasana
Sabanadzovic, Refik 98-99 Retired analysit for Al Jazeera in the Balkins
Salloi, Daniel 16- Active Kansas City
Sanchez, Mario 98 Retired SIU-Edwardsville men's head coach
Santel, Mark 01 Retired St. Louis Scott Gallagher coach
Sapong, CJ 10-14 Active Philadelphia Union
Sarkodie, Ofori 10 Retired
Sassano, Luke 10-12 Retired assistant technical director NY Cosmos
Sawyer, Christopher 05 Retired
Scales, Sam 11 Retired
Schmetz, Peter 14 Active Wuppertaler SV (Germany)
Sealy, Scott 05-08 Active Sealy Soccer Factory
Sebwe, Dionysius 96 Retired
Shirley, Stephen 06 Retired North Texas Futbol Club coach
Silvera, Damian 97 Retired deseased
Simutenkov, Igor 02-04 Retired coach Zenit St. Petersburg 2
Sinovic, Seth 11- Active Kansas City
Singh, Shawn 12 Retired
Smith, Ryan 10-11 Retired
Snitko, Chris 96-99 Retired
Snow, Ken 96 Retired Ken Snow Soccer
Songo'o Yann 12 Active
Sorber, Mike 96 Retired Philadelphia Union assistant
Soto, Tony 99 Retired
Souter, Kevin 08-09 Retired Deveronvale FC (Scotland)
Spears, Mark 02 Retired
Stafford, Ben 01 Retired
Stephenson, Khari 04-05 Active
Steuble, Martin 14 Active Ceres-La Salle (Philippines)
Stojcev, Milos 11 Active Atromitos (Greece)
Sumiala, Antti 05 Retired
Takawira, Vitalis 96-99 Retired
Talley, Carey 02-03 Retired
Taylor, Matt 04 Active Saarbrücken (Germany)
Thomas, Michael 12-13 Active Oklahoma City Energy
Thomas, Shavar 04-06 Retired
Thompson, Abe 08-09 Retired
Tinsley, Ryan 97-99 Retired
Todd, Michael 07 Retired Director Gold Coast FC
Trujillo, Ivan 08 Active
Turner, Ryan 99 Retired
Udeh, Ike 97 Retired
Uderitz, Scott 96-99 Retired technical director  Snohomish SC
van den Bergh, Dave 06 Retired  US U15 boys head coach
van Saun, Jesse 99 Retired
Vazquez, Jorge 03 Retired
Vermes, Peter 00-02 Retired Technical director/coach for KC
Vermillion, Scott 98-99 Retired
Victorine, Sasha 05-08 Retired
Wahl, Tyson 06-08 Active Columbus Crew
Walsh, Diego 04-05 Retired Graduate assistant Grand Canyon U
Warzycha, Konrad 10-12 Retired
Watson, Lance 06-09 Retired
Webster, Pablo 01 Retired
Wellington, Phil 96 Retired
William, Yomby 08 Active Richmond Kickers
Wilson, John 99-00 Retired
Winner, David 99 Retired Direcot of Coaching Ohio Premier Eagles
Wolff, Josh 03-06, 08-10 Retired assistant coach Columbus Crew
Woodberry, Terry 96 Retired Soccer Dynamics
Wright, Paul 96-99 Retired Director Speed to Burn
Zavagnin, Kerry 00-08 Retired assistant coach KC
Zizzo, Sal 13-14 Active New York Red Bulls
Zotinca, Alex 03-06 Retired
Zusi, Graham 09- Active Kansas City


Bryan said...

Re: Frimpong, perhaps instead of saying "In prison for rape" you could say "Incarcerated in California pending appeal", or something of that nature, especially given the Constitutional questions surrounding his conviction. Sounds a little more fair to me.

Mike said...


Thanks for catching that, I'd meant to go back and change that before posting to something different, but forgot. I'm going to try and leave the politics out of the post as a whole (although I agree that there are plenty of questions about his conviction).

MOUFWASH said...

quite a list, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

So Burciaga is still playing?

Mike said...


I've heard rumors of trials for Burciaga (in Mexico), but nothing specific.

Reepicheep said...

Man Mike, I'm not sure if I should be impressed with your work here or scared for you :)

Totally interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

After reading this, I hope mike is never trying to find me, cause he'd do it really easily.

Anonymous said...

cristman is at the la galaxy, no?

Mike said...

Yes, missed that when going through and editing it.

Nathan Martin said...

Impressive work here. Anybody hear the ultimate reasoning for Auvary's inauspicious departure: money, locker room problems, playing time, etc...?

Really quite strange that such a solid contributor from last year is dealt for draft picks in 2013 in such a hush-hush manner.

Anonymous said...

Garcia is palying for the Kansas Magic indoor tam.

cheezwiz said...

Which player has played for the most MLS teams? Cristman has to be high on the list?

The Footy Chronicles said...

Yes, Christman is surely high on that list. There's also Garcia. And also think about Kei, who has moved, on average, from an MLS club every one or two years...

Mike said...

@cheezwiz quick check, its Carey Talley, DC, KC, Dallas, RSL, Chivas, New York

pay per head said...

thanks for the heads ups on the Wizards, I am always looking forward to hearing good news from my favorite team Wizards

Anonymous said...

And to be even more accurate you should note that Frimpong was arrested while playing ping pong. No joke.

Matthew said...

Yo! I heard Dave Van Den Bergh's name not too long ago, think he was a specialized or maybe even the assistant coach for the US men's u-20 team. Figured it was relevant enough to give you an avenue to go down. Best of luck wrapping this beast up!

Matthew said...

D'oh, missed one I may also have some info on. Scott Vermillion is with the Kansas City Legends youth soccer program. I have an email address for him, as well, if you ever want to get in touch.