Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wizards Start Preseason with Win

Today in their first preseason game of the season, the Wizards defeated the US Under 17 team 3-0. Goals came from Carlos Marinelli, Kurt Morsink, and trialist Andrew DiCicco. All the scoring came in the first half. The team played in a 3-5-2 both halves, with full multiple changes through out the game and at half time.

Here's the Wizards first half line up.
Kevin Hartman
Jon Leathers - Aaron Hohlbein - Tyson Wahl
Kerry Zavagnin - Kurt Morsink
Lance Watson - Carlos Marinelli - Michael Harrington
Scott Sealy - Eloy Colombano

First half changes saw Watson make way for Ryan Raybould, Roger Espinoza come on for Harrington, and Andrew DiCicco come on for Sealy.

The start of the second half saw many more changes to the team. With Eric Kronberg apparently injured, Boris Pardo, who was a "league keeper" last season played in net. Here's how the lineup looked in the second half.
Boris Pardo
Matt Marquess - Yomby William - Rauwshan McKenzie
Amir Lowery - Ryan McMahen
Ryan Raybould - Ryan Pore - Roger Espinoza
Andrew DiCicco - Tom Gray

Second half substitutes saw the Wizards number one pick, Chance Myers come on for Espinoza, Michael Kraus come on for Raybould, and Pat Healy coming on for Lowery.

The 3-5-2 definitely looks like the formation of choice for this upcoming season. Course how that line up is going to end up shaking out is unknown as there look to be a few spots up for grabs this preseason. The only player missing was Jimmy Conrad, who had been training with the US Men's National team in LA.

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Reepicheep said...

Let me get this straight, they only scored 3 goals on a bunch of teenagers?