Friday, February 15, 2008

Right Side, Trujillo News and Daddy Sasha

Bob Rusert of MLSnet checks in with the Wizards team down in Florida today. The article spends a lot of time talking about the team coming together during preseason, and getting all the right ingredients to come together for the team to be successful. The article spends a lot of time talking about the relationship developing between right back, Jack Jewsbury, and first round pick Chance Myers, who is establishing himself on the right wing. A lot of good stuff on the development of the style of play that those two will have in the new 3-5-2 the Wizards will have this season. The two will likely get a chance to play together again tomorrow as the Wizards have 2 matches against Toronto and Chicago. As Hillcrest Road mentioned yesterday, players that played over 30 minutes (i.e. the projected starters) will play against Toronto, the others will play the Fire.

To have the "right ingredients", as the article says, you have to have all the pieces as well. Those pieces look like they could be coming together for the Wizards. In the article is word that striker, Iván Trujillo, has received approval of his P-1 visa and is awaiting the stamp on his passport before joining the team. This is good news, and it'll be good to see what the Colombian striker will be able to do once he joins the team. Hopefully he'll be able to gel quickly with Scott Sealy and form a good partnership up top.

Congratulations also look like they will soon be due for Sasha Victorine and his wife Melissa, as the two will soon be welcoming a baby girl. This is why Victorine has not been with the team down in Florida.

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