Wednesday, February 27, 2008

KC Star Confirm Lopez Talks

In news that shouldn't really surprise anyone that has been reading this blog recently, the Claudio Lopez negotiation rumors are true. Bob Luder of the KC Star has a story today about the Argentine striker and the possibility of him coming to KC. Peter Vermes wants to have Lopez signed soon so that he can train with while they are down in Argentina for the next few weeks. But as he says, "nothing's been signed yet." Apparently the Wizards weren't the only team after Lopez originally going after Lopez, according to Vermes, 3 other teams were trying to sign him, but they couldn't work out the money. Does that mean Lopez wanted to much? There's a "potential", according to the article, that Lopez could be paid designated player money. Or are the Wizards just enough under the cap right now that it didn't matter what the real asking price was?

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