Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Practice Report

As I mentioned earlier, I was out at practice today with George Shook from the Kansas City Soccer Review. Good chance to get out and see how the team is doing.

Practice started with warm ups, some jogging, running, stretching, and such, before the team broke up and did a bit of possession keep away. After that the two groups split and went onto separate fields where they played a small sided game with two small goals for each team to go to. It was a game mainly about defensive pressure and possessing the ball.

The team then split up into 4 teams and had a small 5 v 5 tournament. Coach Onalfo stepped on the field and showed he still had it by scoring 2 goals and an assist in the tournament. There were two players that picked up knocks during practice. Ryan McMahen and Roger Espinoza both picked up ankle injuries and both were icing their ankles by the end of practice. Davy Arnaud and Scott Sealy sat out the entirety of practice due to their continued injury/rehab problems, while 3rd round pick, Matt Marquess worked out on his own running. The two notable absences were Kerry Zavagnin, who apparently was working out back at the training facility, and Eloy Colombano who was down in Argentina with family.

The Wizards also did not return to KC with John O'Hara, the keeper that was trialing with the team. Without him, or Eric Reed in camp, that leaves Boris Pardo, a league keeper last year, as the only keeper left fighting for the 3rd keeper position at this time.

You can see some video of practice, including interviews with Sasha Victorine, Chance Myers, and Tyson Wahl in this post on the KCSR site.

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