Saturday, February 02, 2008

Robb Heineman Speaks

There's been quite a bit of news this week for the Wizards, from preseason starting, to Will John leaving for Denmark. Last night on bigsoccer, Robb Heineman, the Wizards president, spoke candidly on two of the topics from this week.

The first was about one of the trialists the Wizards had in camp this week, Ibrahim Kante. According to Robb, it doesn't look like he is going to join the team. Kante was apparently only there to help fill numbers as the team did their preseason training.

The other big thing that Robb posted on, was in regards to the parting shot that John took at the organization after he'd left. Robb does not beat around the bush on this topic and throws it right back at John by saying "His outward statements fly directly in the face of the type of player we want in Kansas City. We wish him the best in Denmark. He will never step foot on our training fields again and as a result our team will not suffer for a moment."

Some strong words from Robb, saying flat out that John will never return to the Wizards, and the team will not be losing any sleep over it. This seems to speak to the fact that he was definitely not as highly thought of as he was when Chicago drafted him back in 2005. The former U-20 midfielder, has seen little playing time over his 3 year MLS career, getting only 10 games, and 229 minutes in his 3 seasons in the league.

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