Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wizards to Play Two Games at Arrowhead?

Details continue to leak about the Wizards schedule, which is due to be released tomorrow. Today, Pete Grathoff at the Star says that source with the team has told him that the Wizards could play at least two games at the 'Head this season.

The obvious choice for one of those games, is the Beckham Game Part Deux. After last years game drew in the largest crowd for a Wizards game ever, OnGoal has to be hoping that the Beckham game falls late enough in the season that the Wizards can get into Arrowhead and host the game there. But what about the second game? What team would bring in a large enough crowd to make the switch from CAB to Arrowhead worth it? My guess would be one of the two games we're suppose to have against Chicago at home. Last year, when the Fire came to play here,the appeal of former Mexican international, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, brought out a large crowd to Arrowhead for the game. These two players, Beckham and Blanco, are the two stars in MLS that will really pull in a mass amount of people who wouldn't normally come to games. If the Wizards do have at least two games at Arrowhead, it'd be tough to make an argument against either one of these games.

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