Friday, February 01, 2008

Will John Takes Parting Shot

In an interview with American Soccer Daily, former Wizard, Will John takes a parting shot at the organization and the way it treated him over the two years he was here.

"I was in a bad situation for two years. I wasn't treated the way I probably should have been and was told I would have been and this is the way for me to continue my career for the better."
I agree that this move was probably the best for his career, I didn't see him breaking into the starting 11 this season. I saw him fighting to get playing time with the new rookies that were brought in.

He was treated the way he thought he should have been? What exactly does John mean, did the team promise him stuff and not deliver on it? Who knows, but he comes off to me as a bit of a whiner with his comment here. If you're not being treated the way you feel you should then yes you should leave, but do you need to air your dirty laundry about it? John played about 5 games in his two years in Kansas City. Not enough for me to make a good statement on what his talent level is now. But 3 Wizards coaches put him where he had been with the team. Bob Gansler, Brian Bliss, and Curt Onalfo all seemed to rate John the same way, which was as a 3rd or 4th option off the bench. I'm not saying that all three weren't wrong about John, they could be, this move could be his jumping off point. But you do have to question him just a bit for the fact that 3 coaches with quite a bit of playing/coaching experience ranked John the same way.

Still, as I said, this is a good move for John in my opinion, it looks like he'll get more of an opportunity to play and contribute more to his new team. I wish him luck.


Anonymous said...

... and it sounds like it was a good move for the Wizards.

Anonymous said...

I'll say that I'm personally not that much put off by it. He's obviously a talented player, and was probably very frustrated with the lack of PT and complete lack of starts. 29 minutes in 4 apperances? He probably didn't come from Chicago to cut his appearences to a fifth of what he managed to get there. (Does look like he managed two starts in Open Cup play, and got 45' in a third game, however - debunking the comment I was going to make about giving him a chance in game scenarios...)

Again, I'm with you in that I'm not going to say that the coaches were wrong... but I'm not going to fault him for it either.

Personally I think his transfer came at a bad time for him - with the uncertainty with the club, the change between 3 coaches... and then after that Marinelli comes - after which he had little hope to take Carlos's spot, esp. w/ how much Onalfo likes Carlos.

All the best to Will though - I personally was hoping to see more of him this year, maybe I can get some highlights from Randers