Monday, January 16, 2017

Single Season Appearances/Starts

More stat updating, this one a quick one because there was only one change to the list in 2016. This is appearances and starts in a single season.

For league appearances, Dom Dwyer made the list in 2016, appearing in 33 of KC's 34 league games. He's the only player from the 2016 season to make any of these lists.

CJ Sapong - 2011 - 34
Jimmy Nielsen - 2012 - 34
Jimmy Nielsen - 2013 - 34
Kei Kamara - 2012 - 33
Dom Dwyer - 2014 - 33
Dom Dwyer - 2016 - 33
Preki - 1996 - 32
Mark Chung - 1996 - 32
Mark Chung - 1997 - 32
Nick Garcia - 2000 - 32
Peter Vermes - 2000 - 32
Bo Oshoniyi - 2005 - 32
Davy Arnaud - 2006 - 32
Matt Besler - 2011 - 32
Graham Zusi - 2011 - 32
Graham Zusi - 2012 - 32
Seth Sinovic - 2013 - 32
Benny Feilhaber - 2015 - 32
Matt Besler - 2015 - 32

No additions to the list of appearances in all competitions in 2016, the closest was Dwyer who appeared in 36 of KC's 41 games.

Oriol Rosell - 2013 - 42
Seth Sinovic - 2013 - 42
Dom Dwyer - 2014 - 41
Nick Garcia - 2000 - 40
Peter Vermes - 2000 - 40
Chris Brown - 2002 - 40
CJ Sapong - 2011 - 40
Jimmy Nielsen - 2012 - 40
Kerry Zavagnin - 2000 - 39
Preki - 2000 - 39
Chris Henderson - 2000 - 39
Kerry Zavagnin - 2002 - 39
Matt Besler - 2011 - 39
Graham Zusi - 2012 - 39
Jimmy Nielsen - 2013 - 39
Aurelien Collin - 2013 - 39
Seth Sinovic - 2014 - 39

No one made the list for starts in league play either, Dwyer was again the closest, starting 31 of the games in 2016.

Jimmy Nielsen - 2012 - 34
Jimmy Nielsen - 2013 - 34
Preki - 1996 - 32
Mark Chung - 1996 - 32
Mark Chung - 1997 - 32
Nick Garcia - 2000 - 32
Peter Vermes - 2000 - 32
Bo Oshoniyi - 2005 - 32
Matt Besler - 2011 - 32
Kei Kamara - 2012 - 32
Matt Besler - 2015 - 32

Across all competitions, the closest anyone came to making the list was Roger Espinoza who started 34 of KC's games in 2016.

Oriol Rosell - 2013 - 41
Seth Sinovic - 2013 - 41
Nick Garcia - 2000 - 40
Peter Vermes - 2000 - 40
Jimmy Nielsen - 2012 - 40
Kerry Zavagnin - 2000 - 39
Kerry Zavagnin - 2002 - 39
Jimmy Nielsen - 2013 - 39
Aurelien Collin - 2013 - 39
Seth Sinovic - 2014 - 39

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Most Starts

Another set of stats, this time the most starts for Sporting KC in league play and in all competitions.

In league play one new player joined the list in 2016, Benny Feilhaber hit 100 starts in league play. Elsewhere on  the list, Matt Besler moved into sixth place and should become the fifth player to hit 200 league starts for KC in 2017. In fact, if Besler happens to start all 34 league games for KC in 2017 (something he hasn't done in his career) he would tie Kerry Zavagnin for the most starts in league play in KC's history. More likely he ends the 2017 season in third place and makes his run on number one in 2018. Joining the list in 2017, there is only one player with a shot at that, that's Dom Dwyer, who is just three starts away from joining the list.

Kerry Zavagnin - 228
Nick Garcia - 224
Davy Arnaud - 213
Jimmy Conrad - 203
Preki - 199
Matt Besler - 194
Chris Klein - 183
Graham Zusi - 155
Jack Jewsbury - 142
Mo Johnston - 142
Roger Espinoza - 140
Seth Sinovic - 128
Jimmy Nielsen - 128
Michael Harrington - 128
Josh Wolff - 128
Matt McKeon - 126
Tony Meola - 125
Chance Myers - 114
Benny Feilhaber - 110
Jose Burciaga - 110
Diego Gutierrez - 108
Uche Okafor - 107
Sean Bowers - 104
Aurelein Collin - 103
Dom Dwyer - 97
Lawrence Olum - 57
Kevin Ellis - 53
Tim Melia - 50
Soni Mustivar - 44
Ike Opara - 39
Saad Abdul-Salaam - 36
Jimmy Medranda - 30
Erik Palmer-Brown - 6
Diego Rubio - 3

Across all competitions in 2016, two players made their 100th start for Kansas City, Dwyer made the list this time, as did Paulo Nagamura, who just got onto the list in his final season as a player. Further up the list, Besler moved all the way up to fourth and should easily be in the top three by the end of 2017, although he'll need another full season to make a good run on Zavagnin at the top of this list. Graham Zusi should become eighth player to start 200 games in all competitions this season. It seems unlikely that someone will join the list in 2017 as the closest are Lawrence Olum and Kevin Ellis who need to start 28 and 29 games respectively to make the list.

Kerry Zavagnin - 281
Nick Garcia - 272
Davy Arnaud - 234
Matt Besler - 231
Preki - 229
Jimmy Conrad - 228
Chris Klein - 216
Graham Zusi - 186
Jack Jewsbury - 162
Roger Espinoza - 160
Seth Sinovic - 160
Matt McKeon - 159
Mo Johnston - 157
Tony Meola - 156
Josh Wolff - 144
Michael Harrington - 143
Jimmy Nielsen - 142
Chance Myers - 139
Diego Gutierrez - 135
Benny Feilhaber - 134
Aurelien Collin - 129
Jose Burciaga - 123
Uche Okafor - 116
Dom Dwyer - 114
Sean Bowers - 113
Kei Kamara - 108
Bo Oshoniyi - 105
Mark Chung - 103
Paulo Nagamura - 102
Sasha Victorine - 102
Kevin Hartman - 100
Lawrence Olum - 72
Kevin Ellis - 71
Tim Melia - 58
Soni Mustivar - 55
Ike Opara - 49
Saad Abdul-Salaam - 42
Jimmy Medranda - 33
Erik Palmer-Brown - 9
Diego Rubio - 7
Cameron Porter - 3
Tyler Pasher - 1
Benji Joya - 1

Comets Complete West Coast Sweep

The Kansas City Comets finished their West Coast road trip in dramatic fashion with a late goal to give them a 7-6 win over the San Diego Sockers. KC raced out to a 5-1 lead before allowing the Sockers to score five unanswered to take the lead, but in the final three minutes, KC scored twice, the last by Alain Matingou with 21 seconds left for his hattrick to give the Comets the win.

The first quarter saw both teams create some chances, but little in the way of scoring, the only goal of the period came with under five minutes left and was scored by the Comets when John Sosa played the ball into the corner for Brian Harris who one timed an effort through the legs of former Comets' goalkeeper, Boris Pardo and into the net. The second quarter saw the Sockers try to work their way back into the game, controlling the flow and possession of the game for long periods of the quarter. Stephen Paterson was up to the task in the net though keeping the Sockers out. Late in the quarter the Comets went on a run, scoring three goals in the final five minutes to extend their lead going into the half time break. The first of those goals came on a shot from distance as the Comets worked the ball around the box before Guerrero Pino laid the ball off to Matingou who fired his shot past Pardo. Just over a minute later, Leo Gibson extended the lead to 3-0 on the break before Matingou scored his second of the game to make it 4-0 heading into the break.

The Sockers came out in the second half and got themselves on the board just over two minutes into the period to cut the lead to 5-1. Less than six minutes into the quarter, the Comets extended the lead back to four goals as Bryan Perez picked out Vahid Assadpour racing to the top of the box where he one timed a shot past Pardo. From there though the Comets defense came apart and the Sockers comeback began. With 11 minutes gone in the quarter the Sockers struck twice in less than a minute with Kraig Chiles scoring twice to cut the lead to 5-3. Then with just over a minute left, former Comet, Max Touloute raced from the midfield line and fired a shot that deflected off Sosa and into the net to cut the Comets lead to one goal. With under a minute left in the quarter things got even more heated between the two sides. After a skirmish between a couple players in front of the benches, Robert Palmer came running in and knocked Eduardo Velez down, earning himself a red card in the process.

The fourth quarter didn't take long to tie the game up, shortly after the power player for Palmer's red card the Sockers tied the game at 5-5. Three minutes into the fourth the Sockers had their first lead as Touloute got his second of the game to make it 6-5 (respect to Touloute as well on both of his goals against his former club he kept his celebrations muted). The Comets looked on the point of a major melt down on the road, blowing a four goal lead. The Comets pushed forward again trying to find an equalizer. It took most of the quarter, but the equalizer finally came with just three minutes left as Ramone Palmer raced forward on a counter before picking out Pino who'd set himself up unmarked on the back post where he just touched the ball home to tie the game at 6-6. The winner, like the equalizer came on the counter as the Sockers had pushed forward trying to find a winner of their own, Ramone Palmer poked the ball away from a Sockers attacker in the Comets half before Ignacio Flores played the ball up field to Matingou who held off his defender and fired a shot through Pardo's legs to put the Comets up 7-6. The Comets held off the Sockers over the final few seconds to get the win and push themselves into a tie for first place in the Central Division with the Cedar Rapids Rampage.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Most Appearances

More end of season stats, tonight it is appearances for Sporting Kansas City.

In league play, three players joined the list in 2016 with Benny Feilhaber leading the way getting all the way to 120 appearances in 2016. Further up the list, Matt Besler hit 200 appearances in league play for KC, becoming the seventh player to reach 200 appearances for Sporting KC in the club's history. The eighth player to hit that mark should come in 2017 as Graham Zusi is only six appearances away from 200 right now. As for who could join the list in 2017, there is only one player who has a chance, Lawrence Olum is 14 appearances from hitting 100. He'd become the thirty-third player to hit 100 appearances for Sporting KC.

Davy Arnaud - 240
Kerry Zavagnin - 237
Nick Garcia - 224
Preki - 218
Jimmy Conrad - 204
Chris Klein - 200
Matt Besler - 200
Jack Jewsbury - 195
Graham Zusi - 194
Roger Espinoza - 160
Michael Harrington - 149
Mo Johnston - 149
Chance Myers - 147
Josh Wolff - 144
Matt McKeon - 144
Seth Sinovic - 133
Jimmy Nielsen - 128
Tony Meola - 125
Chris Brown - 123
Benny Feilhaber - 120
Diego Gutierrez - 119
Uche Okafor - 119
Jose Burciaga - 115
Francisco Gomez - 114
Kei Kamara - 113
Dom Dwyer - 113
Sean Bowers - 111
CJ Sapong - 110
Jacob Peterson - 108
Aurelien Collin - 107
Sasha Victorine - 106
Digital Takawira - 103
Lawrence Olum - 86
Kevin Ellis - 63
Ike Opara - 52
Saad Abdul-Salaam - 52
Tim Melia - 50
Soni Mustivar - 50
Jimmy Medranda - 41
Diego Rubio - 15
Erik Palmer-Brown - 10
Cameron Porter - 2

Across all competitions, Besler moved into the top five for appearances, hitting 239. He should move into top four in 2017 and close in on a top two position by the end of the season. Elsewhere, Espinoza should become the 10th player to play 200 games in all competitions for Kansas City. In all competitions, Olum was the only player that joined the list in all competitions in 2017 finishing with 105 appearances in all competitions, tying him with Teal Bunbury. As for players who could join the list in 2017, there is only one, Kevin Ellis is 18 appearances away from hitting 100 in all competitions, and the only candidate to join in 2017.

Kerry Zavagnin - 291
Davy Arnaud - 273
Nick Garcia - 273
Preki - 254
Matt Besler - 239
Chris Klein - 235
Jimmy Conrad - 230
Graham Zusi - 227
Jack Jewsbury - 218
Roger Espinoza - 184
Matt McKeon - 183
Chance Myers - 175
Michael Harrington - 170
Mo Johnston - 169
Seth Sinovic - 166
Josh Wolff -165
Tony Meola - 156
Chris Brown - 150
Diego Gutierrez - 147
Benny Feilhaber - 145
CJ Sapong - 142
Jimmy Nielsen - 142
Francisco Gomez - 141
Dom Dwyer - 141
Jacob Peterson - 135
Aurelien Collin - 133
Jose Burciaga - 130
Uche Okafor - 130
Kei Kamara - 126
Sean Bowers - 120
Sasha Victorine - 114
Digital Takawira - 111
Bo Oshoniyi - 110
Paulo Nagamura - 119
Teal Bunbury - 105
Lawrence Olum - 105
Mark Chung - 104
Shavar Thomas - 101
Kevin Hartman - 100
Kevin Ellis - 82
Ike Opara - 64
Saad Abdul-Salaam - 62
Soni Mustivar - 61
Tim Melia - 58
Jimmy Medranda - 46
Diego Rubio - 20
Erik Palmer-Brown - 13
Cameron Porter - 6
Benji Joya - 1
Tyler Pasher - 1

Comets Win First Game of West Coast Road Swing

The Kansas City Comets made a good start to their two game West Coast road trip with a 5-2 win over the Ontario Fury last night in California. The Comets got goals from five different players in route to the win over the Fury who fell to 4-6 on the season. The Comets moved to 7-4 on the season, half a game behind first place Cedar Rapids, who lost in a shootout to Tacoma last night.

The Fury came out with a game plan of sitting deeper, allowing the Comets to push forward and trying to hit on the counter. Juan Carlos Gonzalez took advantage of the high line the Fury's defense allowed the Comets and struck on the counter to put the Fury up 1-0 midway through the first period. The Comets through leveled the game before the period was over with Bryan Perez finding space in front of goal and scoring off an assist from Alain Matingou. Midway through the second quarter, the Comets grabbed their first lead as Vahid Assadpour scored on a one touch shot after Leo Gibson had held up the play near the box.

The Comets continued to control the tempo of the game and the ball keeping the Fury pinned in their own end. The third quarter saw the Comets extend their lead to 3-1 as a John Sosa chip was dummied by Guerrero Pino and went into the net. The Comets extended the lead to 4-1 less than a minute into the fourth quarter as Gibson got himself on the board with a goal. The Fury eventually went to the sixth attacker as they tried to cut into the Comets 4-1 lead. Pino though was able to extend the lead to 5-1 before the Fury scored with the extra man with less than a minute left to get to the 5-2 final score. The Comets will now travel down the coast to San Diego to take on the Sockers tonight.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sporting Select Colton Storm with 14th Pick

Sporting KC made their lone selection of the first day of the 2017 MLS Superdraft, collecting UNC outside back, Colton Storm. Storm started all 21 games for UNC in his senior season this past year, recording three assists for the Tar Heels as they went 14-3-4. He scored two goals and had seven assists in his career.

Storm will immediately come in and have plenty of competition for not just playing time, but a spot on the roster. Reports are that he's predominately a right sided outside back, Kansas City has three players already on the roster that Peter Vermes could play there in 2015 first round pick, Saad Abdul-Salaam, recently re-acquired Igor Juliao, and Graham Zusi, who looks set to play there for the national team. Both Storm and Vermes have said that he can play on the left side of the field, where Kansas City would also appear to be fairly deep at the moment with Seth Sinovic, Jimmy Medranda, and the recently signed Tyler Pasher (who played left back in his only appearance for Sporting KC last season but can also play on the wing). What that means is that Storm looks to have a fight on his hands to make the Sporting KC roster playing a position that Kansas City currently has a number of players currently, and could be a potential signing for the Swope Park Rangers in the near future.

Sporting Add to Midfield Depth by Signing Ilie Sanchez

So far this offseason, Sporting KC has spent a lot of their resources bringing in attacking players for their front three positions, adding five players (of their eight signings) along the front line. One area that the team had yet to address was the midfield, where the team had grown quite thin in the offseason with the retirement of Paulo Nagamura. KC had really only five midfielders on the roster with Benny Feilhaber, Roger Espinoza, Soni Mustivar, Benji Joya, and Lawrence Olum (who also doubled for center back duty). Sporting KC addressed the midfield today though, signing defensive midfielder, Ilie Sanchez to a two year deal with an option for a third year.

Sanchez becomes the third player in the last five years to join Sporting KC after having spent time playing for Barcelona B, joining the likes of Oriol Rosell and Jordi Quintilla. Sanchez though played quite a bit more during his time there and also captained the side for a period of time. After playing with the club from 2009 to 2014, Sanchez moved to Germany where he joined up with 1860 Munich and appeared in 24 games in the 2014-2015 season in the German second division. In 2015-2016 though, Sanchez went on loan to Spanish side Elche and upon his return to Germany negotiated the release from his contract with Munich.

The 26 year old will immediately come in and provide depth for KC in the defensive midfield position and could very well challenge Soni Mustivar for the starting spot depending on how preseason goes.

Overall the offseason continues to work out well for KC, they're addressing some of their biggest needs from the 2016 season and while they're not flashy signings they do fill specific needs. My only big concern at this time is KC's need for a second goal scorer after Dom Dwyer. Graham Zusi's career high is six, and the presumed starter on the opposite wing, Gerso Fernandes has never been a goal scorer in his career, so questions about getting support for Dwyer still remain.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Look at Sporting KC's Draft Position

MLS hosts their Superdraft tomorrow at the NSCAA convention in Los Angeles, the first two rounds of the draft will take place tomorrow with the third and fourth rounds taking place Tuesday next week via conference call. Sporting KC have two picks in the draft, one each day. Tomorrow, KC's lone pick is in the first round, the 14th overall pick. They traded their second round pick to the Houston Dynamo as part of the trade that brought Brad Davis to KC last season.

As I do every year, here are the players that have been taken each year with the 14th overall pick.

1996 - Tampa Bay - Casey Sweeney
1997 - San Jose - Jason Annichero
1998 - DC - Carey Talley
1999 - Kansas City -  John Wilson
2000 - New England - Rusty Pierce
2001 - Tampa Bay - Devin Barclay
2002 - New England - Sharlie Joseph
2003 - DC - Doug Warren
2004 - Los Angeles - Ned Grabavoy
2005 - Chivas USA - Christian Jimenez
2006 - Chicago - Jeff Curtin
2007 - Dallas - Abdus Ibrahim
2008 - Salt Lake - David Horst
2009 - Dallas - George John
2010 - New York - Austin da Luz
2011 - Chivas USA - Víctor Estupiñán
2012 - Colorado - Tony Cascio
2013 - Kansas City - Mikey Lopez
2014 - Columbus - Ben Sweat
2015 - Colorado - Axel Sjöberg
2016 - Montreal - Kyle Fisher

Twice Kansas City has had the 14th overall pick, unfortunately neither one has really worked out that well for Kansas City. Kansas City took John Wilson with the 14th pick in 1999, but Wilson didn't sign with Kansas City, instead staying in South Carolina and signing with the Charleston Battery. KC wanted him so much that they actually took him in 2000 too with the ninth pick.

KC's other time picking 14th was in 2013 when they selected Mikey Lopez. Lopez at the time looked like a good prospect, a Generation Adidas member and a fixture with the US U20 team at the time. KC's hopes were that he'd help to replace Roger Espinoza eventually at the box-to-box midfield position after the Honduran left for Wigan just a few weeks earlier. Unfortunately though Lopez's career in KC didn't turn out too well, he spent the majority of his time with Kansas City on loan to KC's affiliates Orlando City and Oklahoma City. In 2014 and 2015 Lopez was twice pushed into starting roles due to injuries, but couldn't stamp his authority on the spot. When he lost his Generation Adidas tag after the 2015 season, KC let him go where he was picked up by NYCFC where he did relatively well in 2016.

The best picks at 14 though go to a trio of players, Carey Talley in 1998 didn't have a fancy career, he's made the second most appearances in MLS without a national team cap (behind the recently retired Mike Magee), making 315 league appearances for six different teams, including a spell in Kansas City in 2003 and 2004. More recently, Axel Sjöberg has been a great addition to the Rapids since he was selected with the 14th pick in the 2015 MLS Superdraft. The Swede has made 45 appearances for Colorado over his first two seasons, and last year was named to the MLS Best XI helping Colorado to allow a league low 32 goals in 2016.

The best 14th overall pick though is an easy one, it goes to Sharlie Joseph, the New England midfielder. Making over 250 appearances for New England and close to 300 in his career, he had an outstanding career in MLS and was able to become one of the first MLS players to work their way into a Designated Player contract in 2012. Unfortunately by then, Joseph's best days were probably behind him, but at his peak he was the best two way midfielder in MLS.

While Sporting's second pick in the Superdraft isn't until Tuesday next week, here is a look at how that pick has been over time. First here are the players taken with the 58th pick since it first appeared in 2000.

2000 - Dallas - Seth Marks
2001 - New York - O'neil Peart
2002 - New England - PASS
2003 - Columbus - Jake Traeger
2004 - New England - Andy Dorman
2005 - Los Angeles - Benjamin Benditson
2006 - Chicago - Floyd Franks
2007 - New York - Randi Patterson
2008 - Toronto - Xavier Balc
2009 - Chicago - Richard Jata
2010 - Chivas USA - Chris Ross
2011 - New York - Jimmy Maurer
2012 - Montreal - Aaron Schoenfeld
2013 - Toronto - Ashton Bennett
2014 - Vancouver - Mackenzie Pridham
2015 - Vancouver - Adam Montague
2016 - Colorado - Bradley Kamdem

As you'd expect this late in the draft, there's not a lot of players who have made much of a professional career. Some like Jimmy Maurer have made a career in the US minor leagues. Others, like Aaron Schoenfeld, had minimal success in the US, scoring five goals in 51 games, but he's since moved to Israel where he's had success for Hapoel Tel Aviv. The best player taken 58th overall though is probably Andy Dorman. The Englishman played seven seasons in two different stints with the New England Revolution with stops in Scotland and England in between. In MLS, Dorman made over 150 MLS appearances for the Revolution scoring 18 goals. More than the rest of the players taken at this spot combined.

2017 Schedule Released for Sporting KC

MLS released the entirety of the 2017 MLS schedule today after previously announcing every team's home openers a few weeks ago. Sporting Kansas City got a much more fan friendly schedule than they did in 2016. Instead of having just four Saturday home games, like they did in 2016, Sporting KC have 10 in 2017, and just four home games on Sunday's this season. They also have two Wednesday games, and one Thursday game at home. On the road, KC has 13 road games on Saturday, two Sunday, one Wednesday, and one Friday. The schedule in 2016 was one of the big complaints that I heard from KC fans throughout the 2016 season with so many Sunday games and so many different game times for those home games. While the Saturday games increase for Sporting KC, they still have their fair share of nationally televised games, with nine. KC has four on FS1 (two home and two away), four on ESPN (three home and one away), and one on Unimas (away).

KC has only one stretch that I would term "brutal" this season too, in the span of a week, KC will go from playing at Orlando on May 13th, to Kansas City where they'll be playing MLS Cup winner Seattle on May 17th, and then make a trip to Vancouver for a Saturday game against the Whitecaps. Certainly not a friendly schedule there for Kansas City as they'll go cross country in a week. Thankfully though they don't have to go coast to coast for a Wednesday/Saturday game this year though. KC will also close the 2017 season on the road, with a Decision day trip to Rio Tinto Stadium to take on Real Salt Lake, a match up that has shown plenty of fire over the years could have even more pressure.

There are some good road trip options for fans as well this season. If you're a fan of the Kansas City Royals as well, I might suggest the trip to Dallas on April 22nd as the Royals are in Texas to take on the Texas Rangers the same weekend. Another trip, especially if you have a week to take off would be June 17th at San Jose and June 24th at Los Angeles, spending a week sightseeing in California doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a trip bookended by two Sporting games. Kansas City also makes two trips to Minnesota to take on expansion side, Minnesota United. KC has a trip on May 5th in Minnesota where the game is on Fox Sports 1 and a trip in October on the 7th when the game is on Unimas.

In terms of the international games this coming year, Sporting KC is only really avoiding one international window, in March as Sporting KC is off the weekend of the 24th when the US play Honduras and Panama. Other windows though KC is playing in the middle of the international break. KC faces Montreal on June 10th, one day before the US plays in Mexico City against Mexico. During the Gold Cup this summer, Sporting host Philadelphia two days before the US kicks off in the tournament on July 8th and plays Salt Lake on the road on July 22nd which is still going to be during the tournament. In September, Sporting plays in just one day after the US take on Honduras at San Pedro Sula on September 5th. The final World Cup qualifiers of the year in October will see Sporting KC take on Minnesota on the road one day after the US hosts Panama in a World Cup qualifier.

One interesting thing to watch this year will be KC's new television contract with Fox Sports KC which will see KC's games not on national television broadcasted on the channel. The thing to watch will be how many games get moved because of Kansas City Royals games. Currently Sporting and the Royals play on the same day on 19 of KC's 25 nationally televised game days (19 of 26 with FSKC presumably having English rights to the game on Unimas). The Royals game times are not known yet but could see quite a few Sporting KC games pushed to FSKC's secondary channel. Below where I listed the full Sporting schedule I've put in parenthesis the Royals games that are the same day when Sporting doesn't play on national television.

Saturday, March 4 at DC 6:00pm
Saturday, March 11 vs Dallas 8:00pm
Saturday, March 18 vs San Jose 7:30pm
Friday, March 31 at Toronto 6:30pm FS1
Sunday, April 9 vs Colorado 6:00pm FS1
Saturday, April 15 at Portland 9:30pm (KC Royals vs Anaheim Angels)
Saturday, April 22 at Dallas 7:00pm (KC Royals at Texas Rangers)
Saturday, April 29 vs Salt Lake 7:30pm (KC Royals vs Minnesota Twins)
Wednesday, May 3 vs New York 7:30pm (KC Royals vs Chicago White Sox)
Sunday, May 7 at Minnesota 12:30pm FS1
Saturday, May 13 at Orlando 6:30pm (KC Royals vs Baltimore Orioles)
Wednesday, May 17 vs Seattle 7:30pm (KC Royals vs New York Yankees)
Saturday, May 20 at Vancouver TBD (KC Royals at Minnesota Twins)
Saturday, May 27 at Colorado 7pm (KC Royals at Cleveland Indians)
Saturday, June 3 vs Minnesota 4:00pm ESPN
Saturday, June 10 vs Montreal TBD (KC Royals at San Diego Padres)
Saturday, June 17 at San Jose 8:00pm (KC Royals at Anaheim Angels)
Saturday, June 24 at Los Angeles 9:30pm (KC Royals vs Toronto Blue Jays)
Saturday, July 1 vs Portland 6:00pm ESPN
Thursday, July 6 vs Philadelphia 7:30pm
Saturday, July 22 at Salt Lake 9:00pm (KC Royals vs Chicago White Sox)
Saturday, July 29 vs Chicago 7:30pm (KC Royals at Boston Red Sox)
Sunday, August 6 vs Atlanta 7:00pm FS1
Saturday, August 12 at Seattle 3:00pm (KC Royals at Chicago White Sox)
Saturday, August 19 vs Dallas 7:30pm (KC Royals vs Cleveland Indians)
Saturday, August 26 at Houston 8:00pm (KC Royals at Cleveland Indians)
Wednesday, September 6 at NYCFC TBD (KC Royals at Detroit Tigers)
Sunday, September 10 at Columbus 12:00pm ESPN
Saturday, September 16 vs New England 7:30pm (KC Royals at Cleveland Indians)
Sunday, September 24 vs Los Angeles 12:00pm ESPN
Saturday, September 30 vs Vancouver TBD (KC Royals vs Arizona Diamondbacks)
Saturday, October 7 at Minnesota 7:00pm Unimas
Sunday, October 15 vs Houston 4:00pm
Sunday, October 22 at Salt Lake 3:00pm

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Saad Negotiating a Return to MLS? - Former SKC Wizards Update

Former Kansas City winger, Soony Saad looks like he could be making a return to MLS. Reports out of Minnesota are reporting that Saad is currently in negotiations with expansion side Minnesota United to return to the league with the club. Saad has spent the last two years in Thailand, playing last season with Pattaya United where he scored nine goals in 28 league appearances for the club. Sporting KC still hold Saad's MLS rights, so a return to MLS would involve United having to negotiate with Sporting KC to acquire his rights.

Elsewhere, three former KC players are set to compete in January's Copa Centroamericana. Recently released Ever Alvarado, who has signed back with his former club, Olimpia, joins Jorge Claros (who recently signed with Real Espana in Honduras) on the Honduran squad. Pablo Punyed is also competing in the tournament with El Salvador. Both teams kick off the tournament in Panama Friday with Honduras taking on Nicaragua and El Salvador playing Costa Rica.

Here's the rest of this week's update.

Active without a club or unknown
Bernardo Anor
Emmanuel Appiah
Vicente Arze
Omar Bravo
Nuno Coelho
Amadou Dia
Pablo Escobar
Brian Fekete
Herculez Gomez
Connor Hallisey
Jon Kempin
Mechack Jerome - Started and played 90 minutes in Haiti's 4-2 win over Suriname. Started and played 120 minutes in Haiti's 4-3 win over Trinidad.
Chris Konopka
Justin Mapp
Neven Markovic
Rauwshan McKenzie
Victor Munoz
Chance Myers
Amobi Okugo
Jordi Quintilla
Brendan Ruiz

Jalil Anibaba - Houston - Offseason.
Teal Bunbury - New England - Offseason.
Servando Carrasco - Orlando City - Offseason.
Aurelien Collin - New York - Offseason.
Marcel de Jong - Vancouver - Offseason.
Michael Harrington - Chicago - Offseason.
Kei Kamara - New England - Offseason.
Alec Kann - Atlanta - Offseason.
Eric Kronberg - Montreal - Offseason.
Mikey Lopez - NYCFC - Offseason.
Yura Movsisyan - Salt Lake - Offseason.
Jacob Peterson - Atlanta - Offseason.
Tony Rocha - Orlando - Offseason.
CJ Sapong - Philadelphia - Offseason.
Sal Zizzo - New York - Offseason.

Michael Kafari - Puerto Rico - Offseason.
James Marcelin - Carolina - Offseason.

Stefan Antonijevic - Tampa Bay - Offseason.
Amer Didic - Swope Park - Offseason.
Christian Duke - Swope Park - Offseason.
Tomas Granitto - Swope Park - Offseason.
Cyprian Hedrick - San Antonio - Offseason.
Ryan James - Rochester - Offseason.
Alex Martinez - Charlotte - Offseason.
Alex Molano - Swope Park - Offseason.
Nansel Selbol - Swope Park - Offseason.
Michael Thomas - Oklahoma City - Offseason.
Kris Tyrpak - San Antonio - Offseason.
Ualefi - Swope Park - Offseason.
Yomby William - Richmond - Offseason.

Adnan Gabeljic - San Francisco - Offseason.

Jamar Beasley - Cedar Rapids - Did not play in Cedar Rapids' 7-5 loss to Chicago.
Pat Healey - Baltimore - Had a goal and an assist in Baltimore's 7-2 win over Dallas.
Mike Jones - Dallas - Played in Dallas' 8-6 loss to Florida. Had an assist in Dallas' 7-2 loss to Baltimore.
Boris Pardo - San Diego - Did not play in San Diego's 7-3 win over Ontario.

Korede Aiyegbusi - AFC Eskilstuna City- Sweden - No game until 4/1.
Ever Alvarado - Olimpia - Honduras -  With Honduras for the Copa Centroamericana.
Scott Angevine - YPA - Finland - Offseason.
Claudio Bieler - Belgrano - Argentina - No game until 2/11.
Reinaldo Brenes - Belen Siglo XXI - Started and played 72 minutes in Belen's 1-0 loss to Municipal Liberia.
Sunil Chhetri - Bengaluru - India - Started and played 88 minutes in Bengaluru's3-0 win over Shillong Lajong.
Jorge Claros - Real Espana - Honduras - With Honduras for the Copa Centroamericana.
Daneil Cyrus - W Connection - Trinidad - Defeated Club Sando 2-1.
Toni Dovale - CD Leganes - Spain - Did not dress in Leganes' 2-0 loss to Real Betis.
Luis Gil - Queretaro - Mexico - Did not dress in Queretaro's 1-0 loss to Veracruz.
Faik Hajderovic - Vinograder - Croatia - No game until 2/25.
Will John - RoPS - Finland - No game until 1/28.
Igor Kostrov - Slavia-Mozyr - Belarus - Offseason.
Luis Marin - CD Temuco - Chile - No game until 2/4.
Michal Mravec - RoPS - Finland - No game until 1/28.
Krisztian Nemeth - Al-Gharafa - Qatar - Did not dress in Al Gharafa's 2-0 win over Al Ahli. Started and played 90 minutes in Al Gharafa's 3-0 loss to Lekhwiya.
Akeem Priestley - Metapan - El Salvador - No game until 1/13.
Pablo Punyed - IBV - Iceland - With El Salvador for the Copa Centroamericana.
Oriol Rosell - Belenenses (Sporting Club de Portugal)(loan) - Portugal - Started and played 85 minutes in Belenenses' 1-0 loss to Moreirense.
Soony Saad - Pattaya United - Offseason.
Peter Schmetz - Wuppertaler SV - Germany - No game until 2/18.
Yann Songo'o - Plymouth Argyle - England - Started and played 90 minutes in Plymouth's 0-0 FA Cup draw with Liverpool.
Kevin Souter - Deveronvale FC - Scotland - Lost 5-2 to Huntly.
Martin Steuble - Ceres-La Salle - Philippines - No game until 2/20.
Milos Stojcev - Atromitos - Greece - Did not dress in either of Atromitos' games.
Matt Taylor - Kickers Offenbach - No game until 2/18.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Landmark Goals

Another set of stats to update, this time it is landmark goals. In 2016, Sporting KC hit two landmarks with Graham Zusi scoring Sporting's 900th league goal and Jacob Peterson scoring the 1,100th across all competitions for KC. Looking at the numbers I'm not sure that KC is going to hit any milestones this coming season though, the closest they are to any right now, is KC's league goals away from home, where they're currently 29 goals away. Not sure KC's offense is going to score that many goals away from home in 2017, the only time in the club's history that they've scored that many goals away from home was in 2005.

League play - currently 922 goals
1. Digital Takawira - 4/13/1996 - 71st - Colorado Rapids
100. Mark Chung - 7/19/1997 - 15th - DC United
200. Preki - 3/25/2000 - 63rd - Chicago Fire
300. Chris Klein - 7/13/2002 - 64th - New England Revolution
400. Josh Wolff - 4/2/2005 - 34th - Colorado Rapids
500. Eddie Johnson - 4/25/2007 - 5th - Toronto FC
600. Josh Wolff - 9/5/2009 - 91st+ - New England Revolution
700. Aurelien Collin - 3/25/2012 - 49th+ - FC Dallas
800. Dom Dwyer - 5/18/2014 - 68th - Chicago Fire
900. Graham Zusi - 7/3/2016 - 56th - Columbus Crew

League play home - currently 552
1. Digital Takawira - 4/13/1996 - 71st - Colorado Rapids
100. Paul Wright - 9/5/1998 - 59th - San Jose Clash
200. Eric Quill - 5/3/2003 - 89th - Columbus Crew
300. Dave van den Bergh - 10/7/2006 - 50th - Chivas USA
400. Teal Bunbury - 8/3/2011 - 34th - Real Salt Lake
500. Krisztian Nemeth - 5/20/2015 - 39th - New England Revolution

League play away - currently 371
1. Uche Okafor - 4/21/1996 - 16th - San Jose Clash
100. Roy Lassiter - 6/2/2001 - 52nd - Tampa Bay Mutiny
200. Davy Arnaud - 5/19/2007 - 58th - Colorado Rapids
300. Oriol Rosell - 3/2/2013 - 66th - Philadelphia Union

Competitive play - currently 1109
1. Digital Takawira - 4/13/1996 - 71st - Colorado Rapids
100. Edmundo Rodriguez - 6/21/1997 - 87th - DC United
200. Preki - 7/31/1999 - 35th - San Jose Clash
300. Roy Lassister - 8/12/2001 - 90th - Colorado Rapids
400. Stephen Armstrong - 7/4/2003 - 90th - Colorado Rapids
500. own goal - 5/21/2005 - 62th - DC United
600. Jose Burciaga Jr. - 5/5/2007 - 90th - Columbus Crew
700. own goal - 6/24/2009 - 85th - New England Revolution
800. Kei Kamara - 8/21/2011 - 19th - DC United
900. Graham Zusi - 7/7/2013 - 8th - Chicago Fire
1000. Krisztian Nemeth - 4/5/2015 - 94+ - Philadelphia Union
1100. Jacob Peterson - 9/18/2016 - 50th - LA Galaxy

Competitive home - currently 666
1. Digital Takawira - 4/13/1996 - 71st - Colorado Rapids
100. Preki - 8/26/1998 - 21th - DC United
200. Preki - 5/4/2002 - 29th - LA Galaxy
300. Davy Arnaud - 6/25/2005 - 70th - Chivas USA
400. Herculez Gomez - 10/18/2008 - 93rd+ - San Jose
500. CJ Sapong - 6/17/2012 - 18th - Toronto
600. Krisztian Nemeth - 5/29/2015 - 19th FC Dallas

Competitive away - currently 440
1. Uche Okafor - 4/21/1996 - 16th - San Jose Clash
100. Matt McKeon - 10/3/2000 - 29th - LA Galaxy
200. Josh Wolff - 5/14/2005 - 89th - Columbus Crew
300. Davy Arnaud - 8/28/2010 - 12th - LA Galaxy
400. Dom Dwyer - 10/18/2014 -  54th - Philadelphia Union

Sporting KC Sign Two More

Sporting Kansas City continued to make over their roster building for the 2017 MLS season, today announcing two more additions to the team to go along with the six the club has already announced so far this offseason. The club announced the signings of Cameron Iwasa and Andrew Dykstra.

Iwasa, a forward who has played the last two years with the Sacramento Republic is 23 years old and continues the clubs move to get younger across their front three. The move means that five of KC's eight signings so far have been for one of the front three positions for Kansas City, with one defender and two goalkeepers being the other positions filled. Iwasa was drafted by the Montreal Impact in the fourth round of the 2015 MLS Superdraft, but was waived by the team during training camp. Iwasa signed with the Republic where he struggled to score his first season, finding the net just once. In 2016 though, Iwasa had a break out year, being on the All-USL second team, he scored 12 goals and added three assists, the 12 goals was the most in the Republic's young, but impressive history. His addition does create a log jam in KC's attack, where Sporting could now technically be three deep at all three of their forward positions with Iwasa, Gerso Fernandes, Latif Blessing, Tyler Pasher, and Christian Volesky, joining Graham Zusi, Dom Dwyer, Cameron Porter, and Daniel Salloi (and that's not including Diego Rubio who is currently on IR after tearing his ACL in October). It makes you wonder if all nine of them will make it through preseason with Sporting or if someone could be traded, let go during preseason, or loaned all season to Swope Park.

Dykstra, Sporting KC's selection in the second stage of this offseason's Re-Entry Draft, comes in and should be penciled in as the back up to Tim Melia. Dykstra's signing will free up the club's other new goalkeeper, Adrian Zendejas, to spend the majority of the season on loan with the Swope Park Rangers so that the 21 year old can continue to get game time. The 31 year old Dykstra comes to Kansas City with plenty of experience in MLS and the lower divisions, playing with DC United and the Chicago Fire in MLS and the Charleston Battery and Richmond Kickers in the USL in his career. He's really only once been a regular starter in his career, and that was in 2010 when he started 17 games for the Fire, more than half his career total in MLS. Last season with DC United he played just one league game, allowing four goals in a 4-1 loss to the LA Galaxy on opening day 2016. His experience though should be a plus for Kansas City with backing up Melia.

The two signings bring Kansas City up to 26 players under contract for the 2017 season, but KC will have an extra roster spot with Rubio on injured reserve. With Sporting KC having two picks in the upcoming Superdraft, and still a need to address midfield depth, there's not much space left on the roster at this point, unless KC is also going to move someone out.