Sunday, February 24, 2008

Open Tryouts Day 2

The Wizards open tryouts are officially over. We'll find out soon who will be invited back to train with the team after they get back from Argentina. I was out at the KC Sports Lodge again today to watch the 60 players that made it past day 1 play again. Many of the players that I thought impressed yesterday were back again today. One player that I missed that impressed in the last session yesterday was Youssouf Kante, who played with Dinamo Bucure┼čti of Romania and came up through Paris Saint Germain's youth system. He was fairly impressive when I saw him today. Overall, today was a much better day to watch, the play was sharper. Definitely the best players not only individually, but team wise as well. I was told that there were some players that were good players but were too individualistic at the tryouts yesterday and thus weren't invited back. Here are some more pictures of the tryouts. My full set from today can be found here.

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