Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Lopez Coming?

There's been no official word out about how the supposed negotiations went this weekend between the Wizards and Claudio Lopez. Steven Goff is still awaiting word on how those negotiations went, so stay tuned to his blog for potential breaks on there. While there's no official word, there are still rumors of Lopez coming to Kansas City. This weekend, Coach Curt Onalfo spoke at the International Coaching Seminar in Kansas City. According to a first hand account from the seminar, Onalfo said that the Wizards were close to signing an Argentine forward. Is this a mention of Lopez, another forward, a miscommunication on Onalfo's part, or something else?


Reepicheep said...

I've been reading all I can about Lopez's latest years and game performances. He's definitely not the "Louse" of old, but he'd be an improvement over our current situation. The fact that Sealy was out of practice yesterday and Victorine was put on top to play with Pore tells you how bad things really are up top.

Mike said...

Were you out at practice yesterday and see that? If so thanks for the information, I appreciate that.

Also remember while Victorine was up top, that was without Colombano in camp, Arnaud out injured, and Trujillo probably not joining the team until the trip to Argentina. So Victorine definitely won't be that one option once the season starts.

Reepicheep said...

Mike, OZ City reported Victorine up top, he was there.

Great work on all this, by the way.

Mike said...

Thanks, I hadn't seen that post yet. Very interesting, but as I posted, it certainly can't be permanent. He's been thrust into that position due to injuries. at least I hope it's not permanent.