Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Lopez News

It's certainly looking more and more likely that Claudio Lopez will be coming to Kansas City to join the Wizards. Oz City has posted a video from MLS Extra Time, where Greg Lalas says that Lopez is going to be signed by Kansas City.

That goes along with other news on Lopez that has come out recently. Soccer America talks about the upcoming roster deadline coming up, and how teams still looking to sign players are going to have to plan that out before the deadline. In that article, they also talk about the signing of Lopez and how much it would cost the Wizards. According to the article, Lopez will cost between $750K and $1.2 million. Apparently if it's on the low end, the Wizards could use allocation money to pay Lopez salary instead of the designated player slot. Coach Onalfo, though, has apparently been given the green light to use the teams designated player slot to sign a player.

While the Wizards look the most likely to sign Lopez, Brad Porter on his MetroSports blog says that signing Lopez would take quite a bit longer to sign, 2-3 months according to Porter. Let's hope it does not take that long, and instead on opening day we'll see him suiting up for the Wizards.

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