Saturday, February 23, 2008

Open Tryouts

I just returned home from the open tryouts. Left just before the final session started. It looked like the event was a success, except for a few no shows, which led to only 2 teams in the 4th session of the day. Definitely quite a bit of talent that could be invited back for the session tomorrow that starts at 9 am. Should be a better time then today as the Wizards coaches weed out those that weren't necessarily up to it. There were two players there from Atlas USA, multiple players from France, plenty local products, a few Wizards staffers, and a Cauldron season ticket holder who just so happens to have the same name as former MLS player, Matt Jordan.

The Atlas USA players impressed during their time out there, but I think the smaller field kept them from really showing what they could do, they'll likely be back tomorrow I would think, both are fairly talented. There were others as well who did very well and should be receiving a call back. I didn't really see any can't miss talent while I was out there today, no one that stepped up and seemed to show that they were above every other player and could really push to make the team. We'll see if anyone strikes me as such tomorrow during the second day of the tryouts.

I'll post the list of players that were called back once the team gets them posted. For now here are a few pictures. The first is a picture of one of the two kids from Atlas USA, the second picture has the other Atlas player in it, on the far right in front.

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