Monday, August 16, 2010

Kansas City on WPS Expansion Radar

Earlier tonight the Wizards retweeted a comment from columnist Jeff Kassouf about KC being on the list for potential expansion to the WPS. Specifically once the Wizards open their soccer specific stadium. I went to Kassouf's column on and his article from August 11th mentions KC as being a candidate along side Miami, Vancouver, Denver, San Diego, and Ontario. It doesn't specifically mention OnGoal, instead it says that a group is interested in bringing a team to the new stadium. When the economic study of the Bannister Mall site came out a few years ago, it did have women's soccer mentioned as one of the things that would fill dates at the new stadium. Also back in 2007, OnGoal had shown an interest in potentially having a women's team as well.

So maybe OnGoal is still interested in bringing a women's team to KC. My stance really hasn't changed since the article I wrote in 2007, I'd likely come to a few games, but I wouldn't be a season ticket holder.


Nathan Martin said...

There are only so many soccer dollars/eyes available in KC.

While women's professional sports are a very good thing, I'm not sure that KC has a large enough support base for both an MLS and a WPS team.

I think it would make sense for the Wizards to consistently sell out their new stadium before undertaking a new venture.

Ron Bishop said...

It would be great to get a WPS team into KC! It's great soccer - a different game than MLS - but great soccer.

My daughter is uninterested in watching the Wizards, but really enjoys watching UMKC Women's Soccer. The USWNT vs Sweden in Omaha was great. This would really show a commitment to soccer - not just men playing soccer.

I would definitely get season tickets - but UMKC Stadium might be a better fit than the new stadium (whatever it's called..) depending on attendance.

Ron Bishop said...

I take that back - Host them in the new stadium or don't do it.

Anonymous said...

Wow...just wow! Ron - are you really saying OnGoal hasn't shown enough committment to soccer but they could do it by flushing money down the drain with a WPS team...really??

fuserkc said...

Anonymous, Read Ron's comment. He didn't say that OnGoal hasn't shown enough commitment to soccer. If you read Ron's comment he is saying that a WPS team is a way to show MORE commitment to soccer. In no way is he saying that OnGoal is not showing enough commitment.
Wow... just wow! Read carefully before you criticize.

Ron Bishop said...

Yes - I meant in addition to what OnGoal has already done. This is not a criticism of OnGoal in anyway - really.

But maybe it wouldn't be OnGoal with the WPS team. Maybe it would be someone else and they work out something to play at the new stadium - much like the Wizards playing at CAB or Arrowhead but don't own the stadium.

Owning the stadiums at St. Louis actually made it more difficult and expensive for the St Louis Athletica to operate.