Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Looking Ahead

Today, Pete Grathoff posted bits of an interview he did with the Wizards vice president of development, David Ficklin. The 3 main topics discussed were the Omar Bravo rumors, the stadium opening and naming rights. First with regards to Bravo, Ficklin plays a little coy when asked if Bravo is going to be a Wizard, first saying he's our player, then when pushed about it says "isn't he?" This seems to be a bit of a joke based on all the information that's come out lately about Bravo coming to KC. Ficklin said that "Bravo is playing in this stadium next year." Which again could certainly be read as that he's signed with KC. Course he also says that he doesn't know what color uniform he'd be wearing. That's either a point towards the rebranding rumor that continue to make the rounds, or it could possibly mean something else. Another thought that was brought up was that maybe Bravo would be here playing for Chivas Guadalajara in a friendly. If the sign and loan deal that was talked about in the Mexican media is true, maybe part of the deal was that Guadalajara would play a friendly here.

The second part that Ficklin and Grathoff talk about is the opening event at the stadium. Previously Robb Heineman had mentioned that they were trying to get a national team game here as the opening event. Ficklin elaborates on that comment saying that they are trying to bring in the US national team as part of the Gold Cup. The 2011 Gold Cup begins on the 5th of June and runs through the 25th. It would be part of a double header with a Wizards game. I love the idea of bringing in the national team, it'd be great to bring the US team back to KC for the first time since 2001. I'm not sure I do like the idea of a double header with the Wizards though. I'd like the Wizards first game at the new stadium to have them be the main attraction, not a game involving the national team. I'm not against the US team opening the stadium, I'm just not sure I'm a fan of the double header idea.

Finally, it sounds like the Wizards are close to finalizing naming rights for the stadium. The team hopes to have it announced this year. Currently 2 companies are bidding for the naming rights of the stadium. The revenue from that would certainly be a boost to the club. The next step would likely be to bring in a jersey sponsor as well.


Anonymous said...

All good news. Bravo is going to be great. It sounds like the jersey color comment was just regarding rebranding.

But would the national team really play a game in our new 18k stadium? It seems like if they come to town they could sell out Arrowhead. Dont get me wrong I think it would be amazing if they opened up KC Wiz's new stadium but I think it's kind of a longshot..

jtreg said...

I agree a soccer double header is, I don't know, not the best idea.

And having a nat team game, let alone a Gold Cup meeting, in a 18,500 cap. stadium also seems like there would be a lot of people left to watch on their TV's. Which, I don't know, seems like a waste.

jtreg said...

But - really - having a national team match in the new stadium is the tits.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys watched the gold cup the past few years? Outside of games including Mexico or with Mexico being part of the double header attendance hasn't been that great. Remember last gold cup, the triple header in New England where KC played one of the games? Attendance for that game was only like 22K and that had the US playing.

They wouldn't sell out Arrowhead, I can guarantee that.

I think Mike's idea about Chivas playing a friendly here is right on personally.

Drew said...

I agree that 18,500 for a Gold Cup game would be great. Too often they use NFL stadia and it's only a quarter full which is ridiculous. It's better to make it more exclusive by having less seating than to have to much. That's how you make look exclusive and cool to people, that it's sold out and not everyone can get in.
I don't think Bravo is that good of a signing. There are holes the team needs to fill such as in the back four.