Friday, August 06, 2010

Three Juniors to Train with First Team

Some MLS teams are starting to take advantage of the new home grown player rule. Some very successfully (Andy Najar of DC has been very good this season). The Wizards have not brought up any of their Junior players as yet, but 3 are now going to get the chance to at least train with the first team. A sign that maybe the Wizards see a future in these players. The three players are goalkeeper Jon Kempin, defender Konner Knoll, and forward Jordan Rideout. The three players played with the Juniors U15-16 team last year. They're moving up to the U17-18 team next year.

Kempin is probably the most high profile of the 3, having been involved with the US U17 and U18 national teams. He's also won his fair share of awards in high school and club play. Rideout is the son of former Wizards forward Paul Rideout, who is also one of the Juniors' coaches. Of the 3, Knoll is the one I know the least about, he's from the Wichita area. This is a great opportunity for the 3 and hopefully is the start of more of this for the Wizards.

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