Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wizards set to Sign First Homegrown Player

According to Robb Heineman a few minutes ago on Twitter, the Wizards are hoping to sign their first homegrown player to a contract this coming week. The Wizards would join a growing list of MLS teams that are starting to use the extra roster spots provided for those homegrown players. Just this week, Chivas USA and Toronto FC have signed homegrown players joining LA, DC, Dallas, Houston, and New York as teams that have signed homegrown players (although Chivas was already on that list before their latest signing).

Presumably the signing would be one of the three Wizards Juniors players that trained with the first team a few weeks ago. Either goalkeeper Jon Kempin, defender Konner Knoll, or forward Jordan Rideout appear set to become the Wizards first homegrown signing. I haven't seen any of the players play so I don't know who it really will be.

Heineman also said in the Tweet that their goal is to have 6 homegrown players on the team by 2013. An ambitious goal, but one the Wizards could certainly reach if the development at the Juniors level continues.

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