Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday After Stats

Here's your weekly stat update.

Roger Espinoza made his 50th appearance for the Wizards in league play. He's the 37th Wizards player to hit that mark.

Josh Wolff made his 156th appearance in all competitions for KC, tying him with Tony Meola for 10th place on that list.

Michael Harrington made his 103rd league appearance for KC, tying him with Digital Takawira for 19th place on that list.

Harrington also made his 91st league start, breaking his tie with Kevin Hartman for 19th place on that list.

Jimmy Conrad made his 217th start in all competitions for KC, breaking his tie with Chris Klein for 4th place on that list.

Davy Arnaud made his 184th league start for KC, breaking his tie with Klein for 5th place on that list.

Shavar Thomas made his 75th league start for KC in his career, he's the 23rd player to hit that mark for KC.

Jimmy Nielsen's shutout was his 7th league shutout of the season, that's tied for the 3rd most league shutouts in a single season for a Wizards goal keeper, tying him with Meola's 2004 season, Bo Oshoniyi's 2005 season, and Kevin Hartman's 2009 season.


Nathan Martin said...

Any word on whether the Omar Bravo deal fell apart or if they are just waiting to announce him after his final duties at Chivas are completed?

Or any DP news at all. Having added Mista and Santos, Toronto was able to bring in DeRosario and Barrett off the bench while our offensive options were much weaker with Wolff & Diop.

We need more depth.

Mike said...

The word I've heard is that the Bravo deal was not as far along as Chivas made it seem.

No other real news out there, just continued rumors.