Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wizards Sign Kempin

Today the Wizards announced their first homegrown player signing, goalkeeper, Jon Kempin. Kempin today signed a Generation Adidas contract with the Wizards and will now join the Wizards roster. He won't take up one of the team's 24 roster spots, instead he'll occupy one of two "homegrown" slots on the roster, giving the Wizards the ability to have 25 players on the team currently. In the end Kempin was likely the favorite to be signed due to his experience with the US U-18 national team. He's been called into the U-17 residency program in Florida and is still a member of the U18 player pool for the United States. Barring major injury issues to both Jimmy Nielsen and Eric Kronberg, I do not expect to see Kempin in net and probably not even on the bench this year for the Wizards. I don't see this becoming a like the Bill Hamid situation in DC. But in the end you never know. Congrats to Jon on this big even in his life and to the Wizards on keeping a local kid in town to play with his home team.


David H said...

Do you personally think we will someday have him in the net? The Puma has multiple times expressed interest in staving off retirement and signing on here for a few more seasons (which I love to hear he's happy here). He even mentions it on the video where the team tours the stadium. This should give ample time for him to develop.

Has anyone seen him in a game for his highschool? Or did anyone see him goalkeep when he practiced with the first team? I'm curious what his strengths.

Besides that, I'm delighted to see a local boy get signed through our youth program and not just through draft (sorry Jack and Matt). This is a great stride for the mls and here's to hoping for a an expanded youth system and maybe even our own international youth system.

Derrick said...

GK's take a while to develop and he is only 17. Even if Nielsen played four more years, Kempin would be 21 or 22.

MOUFWASH said...

@ David H

I have seen a U18 National game he was keeping in. Nothing stood out as he really wasnt tested.

His form is very good though, that is very clear in the video of him.