Friday, August 06, 2010

Bravo Deal "Hours Away"

Reports out of Mexico tonight indicate that a deal to finalize the move of Omar Bravo to the KC Wizards is "hours away". They hope to finish the deal today because according to Chivas' owner Jorge Vergara, that is the deadline set by Mexican soccer. Whether that means today as in the next 24 hours or today the 6th is up for debate. This deal has been dragging out for a few weeks now since Chivas announced that a transfer would take place on their website. While Vergara and Chivas have actively been talking about a deal being done, or as in the case of this article close to being done, the Wizards have been denying that a deal is as close as Chivas has made it seem. We'll see where this news goes, if it is "hours away" hopefully we'll hear something from KC on this tomorrow.

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