Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kansas City Witches?

The screaming pre-teen girls may be coming back to a local soccer stadium near you. On Goal LLC is apparently interested in having a women's soccer franchise in Kansas City, once the Wizards get their new stadium built. The team would join the new league that is being formed currently in the US, with plans to start play in either 2008 or 2009. The Kansas City franchise would not start play until 2010 at the earliest, because that's likely the earliest that they could get the stadium completed by.

Is this a smart move for KC and On Goal? The US women drew well here in their hey day, after the 1999 World Cup, but one off events like friendlies are not indicative of how attendance for league games would be. Personally, I'd be at a few of the games, especially if they were double headers with the Wizards, but I likely wouldn't be a full time season ticket holder.


Anonymous said...

Hope Solo.

Heather Mitts.

Roush said...

Well, as long as the business model is a bit more sound than the WUSA, and the recent debacle surrounding the USWNT don't come back to bite the new league in the ass, it might actually work.

Anonymous said...

Yawn! Women's soccer is borrrring