Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Salaries Out

The MLS Players Union has updated their list of salaries for the 2010 season for the players in the league. The Wizards added two players since the salaries came out, as the Wizards added Nikos Kounenakis and Shavar Thomas. Kounenakis is making a $60,000 base and $70,000 guaranteed. Not a horrible salary for a guy that has yet to make an appearance for KC. Thomas is making $145,000 base and $159,375 guaranteed. That certainly sounds like it's a bit high for the Jamaican defender, but the good news from what I've heard is that the Wizards aren't paying all of Thomas' salary. Word is that Philadelphia is paying a portion, if not a large portion of Thomas' salary this season which makes the move appear better.


Anonymous said...

Dang! Without nameing names, and hurting the feelings of someones mom, there are some KC players that are WAY over paid and some others that are WAY under paid.

J said...

It's also interesting that we are paying Jimmy Nielsen so much more than Kevin Hartman is getting from his new club.

Mike said...


the word I continually heard about the Hartman deal was the number of years Hartman wanted.

And Hartman ended up with the amount he got is because of the fact that he didn't have much of a choice if he wanted to play this year.

J said...

Right, understood. Still, it just strikes me as a little unfortunate for all involved. We had the Wizards not wanting to meet Kevin's salary demands (or, as you note, his contract length demands), and the result is Kevin winds up on a low salary anyway and we wind up paying a good bit of money for our GK. Kevin was a nice part of the community here, and it's a shame something couldn't have been worked out.

Mind you, I think Jimmy Nielsen has been a solid acquisition, a fun player to root for, and has developed a good rapport with us folks in the Cauldron. I just wonder if all involved in the Wizards-Hartman negotiations feel a bit of regret about how it all worked out.