Friday, August 13, 2010

Comets Set to Announce Coach

The Missouri Comets are set to announce their first head coach this coming Wednesday in a press conference out at the Independence Event Center. Speculation is ripe on who will be selected as the coach. The team has mentioned via Facebook that it is a name that would be recognizable. So are we going to see a former Comets/Attack player come back and coach the new Comets? Locally there are a few candidates. Former Attack coach, Jim Schwab is still in the area coaching at JCCC, and Nate Houser who is currently at Baker. Goran Hunjak is also in the area, operating Victory Soccer Camp. It will be interesting to see who the selection ends up being. If it does happen to be Schwab or Houser, I would imagine that they could keep their current coaching positions at the same time.

How interested are you in the new Comets? Personally I'm looking forward to it. I'm not sure if I'll be getting season tickets due to financial reasons, but I'll certainly be going to a few games. What amount of coverage would you like to see on this blog for the Comets? A lot (aka live blogging and a lot of news)? Some? None? Let me know in the poll.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some considerable coverage devoted to the Comets. You'll be one of the few places to get good info, opinion and analysis.

I don't blame you for not getting season tickets. You can buy single game tickets cheaper than season tickets on a per game basis! Interesting pricing decision...

Anonymous said...

No offense to indoor soccer fans, but I would MUCH rather see a futsal league.
Futsal teaches skill, and tight dribbling and passing. Indoor soccer teaches some skill, but mostly physicality and power.
By the way, all other internation stars (like Messi) started out playing futsal when they were young, even before outdoor soccer.