Monday, August 02, 2010

July Player of the Month

Unlike in June there's actually some good to talk about the Wizards when it comes to the Down the Byline player of the month award. The Wizards went 2-2-1 in the month of July in league play along with a 2-1 win over Manchester United in a friendly at Arrowhead. The leading scorer for the month was Teal Bunbury who had 2 goals, both game winners for the Wizards. On the other end, Jimmy Nielsen picked up 2 shutouts in the month of July as well. Davy Arnaud also added a league goal (along with one against Manchester United). Craig Rocastle, Roger Espinoza, and Ryan Smith added assists. Smith and Kei Kamara both also added assists against Manchester United, while Kamara also had a goal. The month of July also saw the return of Stephane Auvray who proved how much he was missed with the way he played.
So who do we really need to look at this month? I think there are 3 main candidates you can choose from this month.

Stephane Auvray - He's been a rock in the midfield for the Wizards and since coming back in the beginning of the month. As he gained back his fitness he's returned to the player he was earlier in the season, a force in the midfield, shutting down opposition attack.

Teal Bunbury - Since taking over the starting spot from Josh Wolff, Bunbury has really been one of KC's best players. He's providing the ability to hold the ball up while also providing skill and speed on the ball. He seems to have adapted to MLS' style.
Jimmy Nielsen - Nielsen has likely been the Wizards best acquisition this season. He's established himself as one of the better keepers in the league with some strong saves to keep KC in games they shouldn't be. He's already at 7 shutouts for the season with plenty of time left to go.

This month the player of the month award goes to....

photo courtesy of Thad Bell

Auvray proved just how important he was to the team this month, both with his play on the field and his absence in the previous month.


Ron Bishop said...

I second that!

Bunbury is doing great, but we have to possess the ball before we can score. Auvray really hustles in getting the ball and moving it forward.

Hope they continue to improve!

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%
He definitely deserves POTM.