Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday After Stats

Here's this week's Sunday after stats. Over the next few weeks some big milestones will be coming as well.

Davy Arnaud's goal was his 40th goal in MLS play, he's the 43rd player in MLS history to hit that mark.

Arnaud's 40th MLS goal also breaks his tie with Chris Klein for sole possession of 3rd place on the list for most goals scored in league play.

Arnaud's game winning goal was his 9th as a Wizards player. He has the 4th most game winning goals in team history behind Preki, Klein, and Josh Wolff.

It was Arnaud's 12th game winner in all competitions for the Wizards. He broke his tie with Josh Wolff for 3rd place on that list.

Jimmy Conrad's goal was his 17th in a Wizards uniform tying him with Eddie Johnson for 9th place on that list.

It was also Conrad's 17th in all competitions for KC tying him with Johnson and Miklos Molnar for 12th place on that list.

In the 42nd minute, Michael Harrington moved past Bo Oshoniyi and into 16th place for the most minutes played in all competitions for KC, Harrington finished the game with 9730 minutes played.

Harrington also made his 107th league appearance for KC, breaking his tie with Sasha Victorine for 18th place on that list.

Harrington made his 105th start in all competitions, tying him with Oshoniyi for 16th place on that list.

Jimmy Nielsen recorded his 8th league shutout of the season, that's good for the 3rd best in team history at this point behind Tony Meola's 2000 season (16 shutouts) and Kevin Hartman's 2008 season (10).


Anonymous said...

Are you counting Bo's reserve games. I don't remember Bo playing that many first team games. dew1805

Mike said...

No, Bo played that much for the first team. I don't count reserve games in any of my stats.

Anonymous said...

The announcers on the CW are so terrible it's actually funny to listen to them. They just keep saying the stupidest and most ridiculous's great!

Anonymous said...

Re: The announcers... thank God they don't do radio; at least on the CW you can use the mute button to stop Victorine from overstating the obvious. I'm not sure if he studied journalism but he really sucks.

Anonymous said...

Re Re: KCWE- I think VIctorine is OK. Dave just doesn't sound very good and is kind of awkward.

Hopefully someone spreads the word to our owners and we can get new announcers.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny when he kept saying how Edson Buddle scored an own goal even after numerous replays clearly showed the ball going off Conrad's foot. He kept saying Buddle headed it in and I was just like..."WTF are you watching?" That wasn't even the worst of it, but a good example of their ignorance.