Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comets Coach Named

Today on Facebook, the Comets announced their head coach, who will be officially introduced on Wednesday. That coach is former KC Comets and KC Attack player, Kim "the Rocket" Rontved. Rontved hasn't coached professionally since he was a player coach for the Wichita Wings back in the late 90's. A good signing overall, and brings a good sense of legitimacy to the team just by this signing.


Chris Holzman said...

That is fantastic. Rontved was definite favorite with Wings fans back in the day.

Wikipedia has conflicting information on the pages for Rontved and Kevin Kewley, as Kewley's entry says he was head coach from '91 to '01, and Rontved's entry says he was assistant from '91 to 94 and head coach from '94 to '98. Any idea which is true? I can't remember.

Mike said...

Unfortunately that time frame is when I was more concentrated on my own personal play, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to indoor at that time.

Anonymous said...

Nice hire. Congrats to the Kim and the Comets.