Monday, August 30, 2010

Vermes Arrested for DUI Last Week

The Wizards have had a lot of good news both on and off the field in the past couple weeks. The team is on a fantastic run of form with only 1 loss in their last 7 league games. They're getting ready to announce their first homegrown player from the Wizards Juniors program. The stadium is growing like a weed with more and more going everyday.

Unfortunately all that will now pale in comparison to what was reported tonight by the KC Star. Wizards head coach and technical director, Peter Vermes was arrested last week for DUI. Vermes was arrested in Gardner on the 24th for driving under the influence. This news makes all the positives above worthless, it's a poor representation of the team and will likely hang over any good news that comes out for the rest of the season.

There's really no excuse for this for Vermes. This isn't the type of publicity that the Wizards wanted or needed. The question now is what, if anything, does the team do about this? Certainly there will be some behind doors repercussions from this for Vermes. Will anything publicly be done? Certainly a few fans are already calling for Vermes job because of this. It certainly gives the Wizards a black eye and is certainly something that Robb Heineman and the rest of the ownership have to look into deeply.


Anonymous said...

Nobody cares! He is a soccer coach, not a professional driver. I remember my first beer.

David H said...

Quite honestly, I'm not at all ready to sack him. I think this post is a little too over the top. All of our accomplishments pale in comparison to everything we've accomplished? Not quite, imho.

It looks bad, but everything isn't all for naught because of it.

I think Peter can overcome this and push on. It will always be there, but it can move beyond game changing. I imagine the players already knew (the organization would've known) and they put on one of their best performances this season.

Anonymous said...

anon you're an idiot. Who cares? What happens if he'd killed someone? Driving drunk is idiotic and stupid.

David, I agree with Mike, I'm shocked it wasn't mentioned on the news tonight, negative press always overshadows anything positive going on.

David H said...

I agree that the negative press always overshadows the positive (thats how they get viewers. You can only do so many human interest stories), I really do not believe though that all of a sudden everything is all for naught. That none of it matters. More over. We don't even know the full details. Whether if he was barely over or shit-faced drunk (it matters to some and doesn't to others.)

A slew of coaches in American sports have been handed a dui and successfully bounced back. Maybe not in soccer, but precedent in American sports shows that in many (not all) that sports fans are willing to forgive, especially if its handled well.

I think if Peter and Robb can handle this maturely and honestly, and if Robb opens up to the fans concerning the issue (something he is fully capable of doing), I think the Wizards are quite capable of moving past this. As I said, it will always be there, but I don't believe it will dictate the Wizards future to quite the degree stated.

This is all my opinion of course and I am no expert. But I truly do believe that this won't ruin everything.

Nathan Martin said...

Context to the story does matter. If he was just over the limit then he had 4-5 beers and drove.

I do not endorse this but it is also not something that would come close to overshadowing a person's career and definitely not an entire organization's and fanbase's season.

It is a matter of reality that state DUI laws are becoming more stringent for good reason and to generate more revenue. So until I hear the details, I'm withholding judgement.

If he wrecked, he's fired.

If he was over twice the limit, he's fired.

If he was barely over and wasn't driving dangerously, then I wouldn't fire him.

Anybody here want to be fired from their job (and virtually blackballed from MLS) for having an extra beer or an extra glass of wine and then getting pulled over for having a tail light out or not using your turn signal?

Anonymous said...

Is it bad? Sure.

Enough to cost him his job and any accomplishments this season? No.

Unfortunately, this happens often in sports. Rarely does it cost a coach his job (See: Bob Huggins).

Ron Bishop said...

Based on the little that I've read, I don't think this should be the end for Vermes.

Driving under the influence is bad. Fortunately, no one got hurt. It seems the police did their job. This happens in our society with easy access to alcohol and automobiles. If someone got hurt, he would have been charged with something more serious. But the worst didn't happen, so let's keep it in perspective.

He'll get his day in court or work something out with the DA according to the law (and whatever lawyer he gets).

It will be in the media and he will probably get questions about it today at the signing. That's his fault.

The media reports on the plane that crashes, not the millions that takeoff and land successfully.

Jason R. said...

He should be disciplined by both KC and the league. For those who say "it happens", you have probably never been directly affected by a drunk driver hurting a loved one.

On being sacked..., what's funny is the fact that had this happened 2 months ago when we were on that winless streak people would be asking for him to get fired immediately; now that we are on a good streak and might make the playoffs it's brushed aside.

BTW, before someone says anything about being too harsh... I have seen 2 officers in my unit in Ft. Leavenworth (ea. w/ 2 deployments) loose their careers for something like this so I have no simpathy for Vermes at all.

Roger said...

No public announcement out of the Hillcrest Blog? What a joke.

Thanks for doing a great job Mike. Keep it up.

David H said...

@Jason R.
At the worst part of the season, I would have said the same exact thing. Do NOT assume that anyone who disagrees hasn't been affected by drunk driving in any way. Its a self-centered thing to say. I will say no more out of respect.

They probably haven't decided on how to handle it quite yet. Generally you are NOT going to see a sports team immediately respond on their blog concerning something such as this. They're probably wanting to at least to wait until after Kempin's for a number of reasons.

Carlos said...

@ David:

You hit it on the mark...YOU are no expert and by reading your post it's clear. Do you work for On Goal?

IT HAPPENED ON AUGUST 24th. How long does it take to come up with a press release? Funny they did come up with a release about the game on the 28th, and the new youth signing, that must be so much more important than a DRUNK DRIVER targeting people in our city. Grow up and to quote your answer to Jason... I won't say more out of respect.

David H said...

Apparently my comment disappeared and I do not feel like retyping it.

No matter, we must remember that we do not know anything more than that he was arrested. Thats it. We can't condemn Peter outright without facts and substance. And Carlos, please, leave the attacks and condescending tone elsewhere. I said out of respect to avoid saying something I would regret towards Jason. Which I apologize to you, Jason, if I came off as attacking you. I have been affected by drunk driving and I had been offended (when I may not of necessarily should have been) and was angry while I typed. My apologies.

We have to wait and see on this issue. We can't condemn him without first knowing the facts. And if he was indeed shit-faced drunk and, then all the more power to On Goal to make the proper decision. If the facts don't line up, then we know we made the right choice to wait and see. If that is to fire him, then so be it. Its was his own actions that lead to it and he has to atone to them accordingly.

Lets try to stay level headed here. :)

Anonymous said...

Why would the Wizards put out a release on this? I can't remember other pro teams putting releases out when their coaches get arrested for DUI, why would KC be different?

Reepicheep said...

I'm baffled as to why Vermes hasn't addressed the situation publicly by now. Very poor choice on the Wizards part. Makes one feel like they don't see it as important. An immediate address of the situation and heartfelt apology would have probably buried this thing for most people. The lack thereof just smacks of apathy and even a touch of naivete about what people think of such a thing.

As for him coaching the Wizards next year? I don't think he's that great of a coach. If the Wizards don't make the playoffs, I think he has to go. I'm happy for the latest run and if it turns in to a strong playoff push, I might change my opinion. I'd love to be wrong about Vermes as a coach and see the Wizards progress in to the new stadium as a top-5 team.

Mike said...

Reepicheep, Thad and I just got done recording this week's podcast, we do touch on the DUI for Vermes. Vermes made a comment about it today, but it was basically a "legal council has told me not to discuss it" type thing.

Reepicheep said...

Oh. Thanks Mike. I'll give it a listen.

That's bad legal counsel. An apology is always a good choice, unless of course he is contesting the charge. We'll see.

David H said...

If anything, him at least addressing he's been told not to talk about it yet is better than some other coaches who've faced duis and flat out ignored journalists or got angry (this is especially common with some college coaches). Theres a video somewhere of a coach who received a dui literally running away from reporters.

Anonymous said...

LIGHTEN UP, FRANCIS! He fucked up, he got caught. Now you want to fire the guy?