Thursday, August 05, 2010

DP and Potential Signing News and Rumors

There's been news lately about the Wizards and some potential signings, including designated player signings. Today, Thad over at The Back Post had a series of posts about some of the guys that were potential signings, including some designated player candidates.

First, he posted about the rumors of Dayro Moreno, the Colombian international who the Wizards were linked with. According to Thad, that deal is off, at least for the time being. The Wizards held discussions with people about a deal, but apparently Moreno's club was not willing to move on budge on their requirements. Word was that his club Once Caldas wanted a fee of $2 million, which was the fee they paid to get Moreno from Steaua Bucuresti. The Wizards lost interest when they weren't willing to move, if they do adjust their offer the deal could be back on.

It's disappointing because he filled a need that the Wizards need, an attacking midfielder, but I understand not wanting to over pay for Moreno. The other problem are the rumors and stories about his attitude, work ethic, and partying that he did. Would have been nice, but I completely understand the team moving on.

Secondly he posted news of a potential new designated player, Ghanaian international, Stephen Appiah. According to Thad the Wizards are very interested in doing a deal for Appiah, but another team already has a discovery claim filed on the World Cup veteran. Appiah in the past has been linked with a move to MLS, including DC United and FC Dallas, but "laughed it off".

Personally I can't say I'm disappointed that another team already has the discovery claim in on Appiah. He's had two chances to sign with other clubs around the world in the past 2 years or so and both times has not been offered a contract due to his knees. A good analogy I saw someone make was compare it to the Ledley King situation, where he doesn't train much during the week, plays, then doesn't play for 2 weeks while he recovers. The Wizards should be using a roster spot, let alone a designated player spot on a player that has many injury issues as Appiah seems to have. It appears that Appiah has played very few club games in the past 2-3 years. Another thing that you don't want out of your designated player. Even with his World Cup experience this past summer, I'd rather bring in a guy that you're sure can play every single game, not a guy with dodgy knees.

Finally, Thad posted about players that the Wizards have looked at to be their designated player but are now no longer in the picture. The first is one that we've heard about, Eidur Gudjohnsen. The Wizards made him an offer but he's no long on their short list. Then there was Australian World Cup star, Harry Kewell, but Kewell signed an extension with Galatasary. The third Thad mentions is Raul Tamudo, a forward from Spain who the team was looking at, but has since signed with Real Sociedad in Spain. He also of course mentions the ongoing situation with Omar Bravo, which he mentioned yesterday would happen eventually, but it was not known when yet.

It's good to see that the team is actively searching for a DP and good to see some of the players names coming out. It truly makes it seem like the team is really doing it instead of the team just saying that they are. In the end though, those 4 names impress me more than the potential Appiah move, which really does nothing for me at all.

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Anonymous said...

Kewell, is a great player, Australias all time best and most talented but is more frial then Arjen Robben or Appiah, though he had a fgreat last season with with Galstasray. The main point with gettting him is it would piss the hell off of the Australian Media. The J league, A league, and MLS are all similar at they started at the same time and football is not the #1 sport in their countries. They J league is the top, with the A league rated a bit higher than MLS. If, the MLS got Austrlias best player before he went back home it would be a huge coup and a slap in the face to the A league, and in the press over the past decade Americans and Aussies have done some trash talking.