Tuesday, August 17, 2010

News and Notes

Earlier today, the Star posted a quick note from practice today that probably scared a lot of Wizards fans. Apparently at practice today, Wizards forward/midfielder, Ryan Smith, was carted off the field with an apparent knee injury. The Wizards have addressed the injury tonight on their website, and Wizards fans can step off the ledge. Smith's injury is apparently not serious. He has a knee strain, but they right now don't plan on doing an MRI. Smith will be readdressed tomorrow before training, so hopefully in the end it doesn't keep Smith from playing this weekend.

Also on the Wizards website today, head coach, Peter Vermes had a chat with fans where he answered questions. Overall no real new information came out that fans weren't really aware of. The biggest news really was the fact that the team expects Zoltan Hercegfalvi back in October from his ACL tear. Certainly good news for a team that has lacked a scoring punch for much of the season, but is likely going to be too late.

Finally, over the weekend, the MLS transfer window for players under contract in other leagues closed. It closed on the 15th of August. Team's can still sign players that aren't under contract or from within MLS until September 15th. With the Wizards having two open roster spots, one would hope that they're looking to fill at least one of those spots (with Hercegfalvi eventually taking the second). A bit more scoring punch off the bench, or starter would certainly be appreciated at this point.

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