Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wizards Preseason

The Wizards will return to Argentina this year for their preseason, in preparations for the 2008 MLS season.

The Wizards will report to Kansas City on January 26th to prepare for the preseason. They'll then leave for the warmer climates of Florida for training for the first half of February. After returning to Kansas City for a few days, the team will leave on February 27th for Argentina. That trip will be 16 days, and you can guess that they'll play friendlies against Argentine clubs like they did last year. According to the press release, that information should be out in a couple weeks.

Last year on the trip, the Wizards scouted two players that they eventually signed, Carlos Marinelli and Eloy Colombano. Coach Onalfo has already spent time down in Argentina this offseason scouting, and you can bet he'll be doing more while they are down there again in February and March. Will see what he comes back with this time.

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