Thursday, January 17, 2008

Johnson to Fulham Not Dead

The big news today has been Fulham's signing of Watford forward Marlon King for 5 million pounds. The belief among many people has been that with this deal done, that Eddie Johnson's move to Fulham would now be off, since both players are forwards.

According to Ives Galarcep, that is NOT the case. Apparently the hold up at this time is Johnson's work permit issues. Johnson has only played in 72% of the US team's official matches, short of the mandated 75%. Johnson is set to appeal the decision with the work permit tribunal. So things are not dead, and it still looks like Johnson will be moving to England.

UPDATE: The Times in the UK also says that the deal is still on. According to the Times, the move is subject to a medical and work permit. Fee wise, Fulham and the Wizards are working on a deal between 2.5 to 3 million pounds. And here's another link from Vital Fulham saying the deal is close.


Anonymous said...

The Guardian is saying the hang up is Fulham want to pay 2.5 GBP and MLS/Wizards want 3 GBP

As 0.5 GBP is worth $1 million, it is causing a delay.

Anonymous said...

i hope it hangs it up long enough for the transfer window to close.

Anonymous said...

why? Then you have a returning Eddie Johnson who isn't overly happy to be here.