Sunday, January 20, 2008

Upcoming Wizards News this Week

There could be some big news this week in regards to the Wizards. Specifically their stadium and their MVP last season.

The first bit of news that will be coming out, is news on the Wizards potential stadium. On Tuesday the 22nd, Richard Tolbert's petition to save Bannister Mall is due. Last Sunday after the rally in support for the redevelopment of the mall, we learned that Tolbert apparently has between 2 and 3 thousand of the 8500 signatures required to get the redevelopment on the ballot. I'm not going to count chickens before they are hatched, but things look good for the development at the moment.

The other news pertains to the Wizards 2007 MVP, Eddie Johnson. According to reports, the team and Johnson are waiting on his work permit. Johnson falls short of the 75% requirement set forth by the FA, but is appealing the decision. The appeal is to be heard on Wednesday.

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Tug McTighe said...

Hey Byline: Just came across the blog a week or two ago. I'm a big Wizards fan who thanks you for keeping us updated on the news. I figured Tolbert didn't have the signatures but it was nice to see you reporting at least an idea of how many he's got. I expect to see something in the paper tomorrow but will check here too. Keep it up and go Wizards.