Sunday, January 13, 2008

Update on Bannister Petition

Earlier today I posted about the rally at Bannister Mall for the redevelopment of the area. I also mentioned how Richard Tolbert and his crew were there as well. Tonight, we have some news of how many of the 8500 signatures Tolbert already has. The answer, not nearly enough. According to Fox4, Tolbert has somewhere between 2000-3000 signatures with just over a week left. It doesn't make sense to me for Tolbert to lie with a number that low in this situation, with the amount of time they have left.

Another interesting part of the article is the wording of the article, which makes Tolbert look really stubborn. The article says:

He also says project supporters are misleading the public, and refuses to believe anyone who says the old building is beyond repair.
From everything I've heard, the mall IS pretty much beyond repair. Apparently people have been breaking in, stealing wiring, copper piping and other things inside the mall that would need to be replaced before anything could reopen at the mall. That's not even mentioning the damage done to the reputation of the area due to the empty mall, which is also beyond repair without some major redevelopment.

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