Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Garcia to San Jose for Number 1 Pick

After a quiet offseason so far for the Wizards, they jumped right into it today. The Wizards traded veteran defender Nick Garcia to expansion side San Jose for their first round pick, the number 1 pick overall in the draft. To this point, Garcia had spent all 8 of his seasons in the league in Kansas City, coming in as the number 2 pick in the 2000 season. Nick started all 224 league games that he played in for the Wizards, and started 272 of the 273 he played in all competitions for the team. All of which are team records. While he's appeared to have lost a step, he was still a fan favorite for the Wizards, and will likely continue to be treated in the way Chris Henderson and Diego Gutierrez are treated when they return to KC.

With the departure of Eddie Johnson imminent, it looks like the Wizards are moving into position to take Patrick Nyarko, who appears to be the favorite to go number one in the draft on Friday. The Virginia Tech Junior, would be a generation Adidas player for the Wizards, if he's who they take. The Wizards now have 4 of the first 25 picks (1, 11, 23, 25) in Fridays MLS draft.

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