Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Victorine Out too?

Normally I don't put a lot of faith in the MLS Rumors website. But with all the other changes the Wizards have made this week, I would not be surprised if this occurred too. MLS Rumors is reporting that Sasha Victorine could be the next one on his way out of Kansas City, continuing the move to a younger team. Victorine had received some interest around the trade deadline last year from Columbus. The way this week has gone, this move makes sense. Onalfo and Vermes are moving out some of the older talent (Garcia) and the guys that don't fit the style Onalfo wants (Burciaga). To where would he go? I have no clue, Columbus could be an option to reunite him with Sigi. Maybe San Jose, where they could still use some midfield help. Who knows, but we'll see if this happens.

Do you think this move is possible?


Anonymous said...

absolutely possible. bigger contract. slower feet.

Anonymous said...

I like Sasha as he works very very hard. But he runs like his feet are in mud.

Onalfo seems to be going for youth and speed .. time to Sasha out

When do players start coming in!!