Monday, January 28, 2008

Midseason Tournament

Thanks to George Shook at the Kansas City Soccer Review for this. Shook provided a first look at the team thanks to his entry today. He got the first look at the drafted rookies and how they play. I'm not going to go into his whole write up, but you can read it here.

The part I want to focus on is the end. Shook spoke with Greg Cotton at the practice, and was talking about the fact that season ticket holders get 18 tickets, when the maximum number of games at home is going to be 17 (15 league and 2 possible playoff games). So what was the point of the 18th ticket? Shook was wondering about a possible preseason friendly with sister club, Atlas. Cotton, though, shot down the idea of them coming here, but left open the possibility of the Wizards heading down to Mexico.

Cotton did mention that the Wizards are in the planning stages of a midseason friendly international tournament. This would be amazing for the Wizards, as it would mean the first home international friendly since 1997. Here's hoping it comes off with some decent international teams.

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Anonymous said...

But where will an international friendly be held, at CAB? Don't get me wrong, the CAB will be great for MLS games but I question it's use for an international friendly.