Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eddie Johnson Transfer Deal Not as Far Along as Thought

Ever since the January transfer window opened, I've posted many times about the rumors going around about where Eddie Johnson will land. Fulham, Derby County, Manchester City, Reading, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Benfica, have all been linked in some form with the striker. Today in the Star, we finally get some talk from the front office about it. And the talk is not going along with the rumors. According to Peter Vermes, the Wizards Technical Director, the team has had no official discussions with teams, on the level they did with Derby last summer about Johnson. According to the article, Vermes would be in on any discussion of the transfer of Johnson. So all the rumors about a deal being days away are false, because as Vermes said in the article "We’re not stupid enough not to think there aren’t going to be inquiries. But all of it is rumor at this point."

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