Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jimmy Takes a Stab at LA

If you didn't hear, LA has traded for Carlos Ruiz. This means that with Eddie Johnson likely to leave for England, that LA will have the only 2 remaining grandfathered players in the league. Which means, in theory, LA will technically have 3 DPs on their team. Some fans of the league are calling it a conspiracy to give LA and David Beckham a better chance of making the playoffs and winning MLS Cup.

They're not the only ones apparently. Nick Green over at 100 Percent Soccer has a great quote from Wizards captain, Jimmy Conrad about that fact.

"The league likes to make sure the large markets have as much an advantage over everybody else as they can," Kansas City captain Jimmy Conrad said. "It's an important year - I know the final is at the Home Depot Center this year and they want to make sure they have a good team. It's interesting they all end up there - they've got three Designated Players on their team."
What do you think? Does Jimmy have a point?


Anonymous said...

No. I don't agree.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess you're an LA fan.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. It sure seems the Red Bulls and the Galaxy are allowed greater flexibility when it comes to player acquisition.

Reepicheep said...

He's absolutely right. Even Dallas and Chicago seem to get shots at potential superstars more than other teams. When we got Eddie, he wasn't DP quality...otherwise he would have been on LA or NY.