Saturday, January 05, 2008

Johnson Transfer Expected Any Day Now

Eddie Johnson leaving Kansas City looks more and more likely with each and every day. Today comes news that a deal for Johnson could be completed within the week. The article only mentions 3 out of the multitude of English sides that have been rumored to be interested in the striker. Fulham, Derby, and Reading are the ones listed in the article. The article quotes a source close to the situation saying that a deal could come "any day now." In regards to Reading, it brings up the same point that I've brought up before, that a move by Reading is contingent on Leroy Lita leaving the club during this window. According to the article, the sale of Lita appears imminent, which would make Reading a likely target.

Reading would be the best place for Johnson to land in my opinion. While Reading is fighting for survival in the BPL, they aren't in as dire a situation as Fulham and Derby are. Johnson would be able to ease himself into the English game at Reading, as he'd likely be the third striker behind Kevin Doyle and Dave Kitson.

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