Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eddie Johnson to Fulham FINAL

Fulham has just announced that Eddie Johnson has been granted his work permit and signed by the club.

Johnson won his appeal to get a work permit today. He's signed a three and half year deal, which will keep Johnson at Craven Cottage until 2011. After drawing interest in the summer from Derby County, the rumors had picked up again this January, with him being linked to Derby, Manchester City, Middlesbrough, Reading, Benfica, and even a passing mention of Liverpool. It's the Cottagers, though, that have gotten Johnson's signature. The rumor is that it's a 3 million pound transfer deal. Or about $6 million US.

The focus for the Wizards now turns to filling the 15 goals and 6 assists that Johnson contributed last year to the Wizards. Can Iván Trujillo fill enough of that hole? Or are the Wizards also looking elsewhere hoping to find more scoring punch?

UPDATE: Ives is reporting in the comments section of his post on this that there is NO transfer fee. According to Ives, "No transfer fee folks. Johnson bought out his own contract and basically pocketed what would have been the transfer fee. Great bit of business on his part."

UPDATE 2: Apparently Johnson's buy out was $4 million US, so the Wizards and MLS do get that amount in regards to Johnson leaving.

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