Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tolbert Basically Admits to Not Having Signatures

Tonight on 980 KMBZ AM here in Kansas City, Richard Tolbert basically admitted the group did not have the signatures required to put the 3 Trials TIF funding on the ballot. While on the radio talking about the campaign to recall Kansas City Mayor, Mark Funkhouser, the hosts asked Tolbert about his Bannister petition and if he had the signatures. Tolbert appeared to stumble and back track saying that the group may have taken the wrong path as even if the petition is successful to bring a vote, it does nothing to grant us ownership anyway. To me this sounds like a white flag going up from the camp on this plan. His excuse is something I've been saying since day 1, even if the group did succeed, it did not make the owners of the mall reopen it. But it helped to delay the process.

He tried to hype up his new plan, which would move to exclude the mall area from the 3 Trials TIF plan, and give the Save Bannister group TIF money to buy the mall from the current owners.

The city council should take one look at Tolbert's track record with owning property in this city and laugh him out of the building. Hopefully this plan will not make it out of the TIF commission. If it does, the city council would be a big step, especially with all the support the 3 Trails TIF had with the council.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. This is a relief to hear.

Anonymous said...

People should look at the millions that were wasted on Jeanne's run against Cleaver and understand that her husband wants to spend money on her not on the team.

Anonymous said...

So an election FOUR years ago has what bearing on today? Or on this story, especially considering that 3/4ths of the funding for the 3 Trials project is coming from private investors, INCLUDING Patterson and the rest of OnGoal.

But just keep those conspiracy theories coming.