Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Johnson Transfer Talk

Here are a few more links to rumors of where Eddie Johnson will be going in this current transfer window.

More Eddie Johnson to Fulham news. According to this rumor, Fulham is after Liverpool winger, Harry Kewell. If that deal falls through for the Cottagers, Roy Hodgson will be going after Johnson instead for 1.5 million pounds. I don't know if I see Kewell leaving Liverpool, so this could possibly happen, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Derby County back in the race for Johnson. After being turned down by Johnson in the summer, new Derby manager Paul Jewell has renewed the team's interest in Johnson. Jewell is ready to team Johnson up with fellow Americans, Eddie Lewis and Benny Feilhaber.

I'll try to keep updated on all the teams linked to Johnson during the window. The list of teams is now up to 6, 5 English (Fulham, Middlesbrough, Manchester City, Reading, and Derby County) and 1 Portuguese team (Benfica).

1 comment:

German Falcon said...

First things first. LET HIM GO.
Is this a joke? There are teams that want Eddie Johnson? Whoever wants this pre-Madonna must not care about money or their team. Eddie Johnson is such a pre-Madonna it is ridicules for anyone to even spread rumors about any premier team wanting him. The only consistent thing about Eddie Johnson is that he consistently doesn’t finish. Lets take last year for instantace, he started off great but after midseason he just wasn't there mentally or physically. The Eddie Johnson that started last season must of left the field right after Mid-Season. When he came back from playing with the National team this guy became big headed, like the season before when he didn't do anything. If Eddie Johnson is so good then why is it every year we hear about premier teams wanting him but he never leaves. Well if the Wizards got ride of this Joke, I wouldn’t have any hard feelings. There are others out there who try harder and play harder. They might not be as, supposedly good, as Eddie but they could do better, at least you can tell when they are trying to finish.
I have watched this joke for the past two years and let me say if this guy is as good as they say, which they say every year that is great, then why does he suck so much.
To me Eddie Johnson is like tourette syndrome. When he is playing great soccer, he is great, and all of a sudden he starts sucking, like cussing up a storm. If he was as good as everyone says, he would have been over with one of the premier teams playing with McBride, Keller, Zizzo, wait he isn't that good that’s why he isn't. The Wizards need to cut their loses. If there is some gullible team out there who wants him, let them have him. Obviously we can not get this kid controlled. Maybe over in one of the Premier leagues they can make him better and work as a team. Remember there is no I in team, but to Eddie there is ME me me me, until he doesn’t finish then its U U U U.
Until he learns to play with his team he will always be second rate.