Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Save Bannister Group Get Their Extension

The save Bannister Mall group got the extension that they wanted for their work to collect signatures. Today the group turned in a whopping 2 signatures to get the extension on the plan. You can see the report here on NBC Action News' website, it's currently the top story on the left.

Richard Tolbert, Woody Woodruff, and the rest of the Save Bannister Mall group continue to use misdirection in their campaign to stop the redevelopment of the area. Yesterday, they were kicked off of mall property after police were called. The group is saying they were treated differently then the rally that was held last Sunday in support of the redevelopment. What they don't mention is the fact that they were kicked off because Tolbert made threats about breaking into the mall to get to his business. Which is a far different case then what the rally last Sunday was there to do.

But that would paint the Save Bannister group in a poor light, so they "accidentally" leave that detail out. The extension gives the group until February 1st to get the rest of the signatures they require for the project.

While I agree with the quote from John Sharp at the end of the report, that they'd have turned in more if they had more, I also think this is a political play by Tolbert and his group to hide exactly how many people they actually have on the petition. If they turn in the exact number they have now, they'd be showing the people for the redevelopment exactly where they are. They don't want that. They want to keep them on their toes. So it's not quite over yet.

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Clint said...

maybe they really do only have 2 signatures.. Tolbert and his wife.. that would be pretty funny. (is the guy even married?) ((sorry for being ignorant on the topic, heh))